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How to get started quickly? How to learn Python

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   Many people choose Python introduction , Because it's easy to learn , Because it is very friendly to novices .Python The basic grammar is relatively simple , You can quickly understand the thinking habits of programming , And can quickly contact Python GUI library ( such as Tkinter), It's easy to borrow these libraries to develop some interesting programs . meanwhile Python The indentation format is also strict , This is also good for beginners to develop a good habit of writing code . How to get started quickly Python Language ?


  Python How to use the introductory video ? Here I conclude , Several videos are suitable for occasions , You can refer to :

  1. understand ( Instead of studying carefully ) One way

  2. As an introduction to learning, a simple look

  3.( A very good person ) Carefully taste the master's attitude towards various details in the video ( Words are often difficult to express ). Typical is MIT Linear algebra course , Although the content is very simple , But it's very meaningful .

  4. Technology centered on learning process , For example, configure the environment , For example, you have to learn 3DSMAX How to use it? , The focus is on the operation 、 technological process , Not knowledge 、 details .

  Python How to learn ? You can ask the highest level people around you , It should be almost always in the early stage , Most of the time is spent actually writing programs . Reality is :

   A snake game , It hardly needs you to have much language foundation ; But a man who only reads books and watches videos , Often I can't do it after learning for half a year ( Unless he's just seen ). So novices learn programming , When watching videos or reading books, you must not just watch but not do it , Be sure to use your brain at the same time 、 Hands on , More code .

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