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[Python kaggle] pandas basic exercises in machine learning series (6)

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Run the following cell to load your data and some utility functions.

Run the following code Import the library needed for the exercise 、 Data sets …

import pandas as pd

reviews = pd.read_csv("../input/wine-reviews/winemag-data-130k-v2.csv", index_col=0)

from learntools.core import binder; binder.bind(globals())
from learntools.pandas.renaming_and_combining import *
print("Setup complete.")


View the first several lines of your data by running the cell below:


Data used :



region_1 and region_2 are pretty uninformative names for locale columns in the dataset. Create a copy of reviews with these columns renamed to region and locale, respectively.


The title mean :

modify region_1region_2 As a regionlocale
In fact, it is to modify the following names

renamed = reviews.rename(columns={

Running results :
Other references Demo:

renamed = reviews.rename(columns=dict(region_1='region', region_2='locale'))



Set the index name in the dataset to wines.


The title mean :

Name the index axis wines

reindexed = reviews.rename_axis('wines', axis='rows')

Running results :



The Things on Reddit dataset includes product links from a selection of top-ranked forums (“subreddits”) on Run the cell below to load a dataframe of products mentioned on the /r/gaming subreddit and another dataframe for products mentioned on the r//movies subreddit.

Run the following code Import the two data sets required for this question

gaming_products = pd.read_csv("../input/things-on-reddit/top-things/top-things/reddits/g/gaming.csv")
gaming_products['subreddit'] = "r/gaming"
movie_products = pd.read_csv("../input/things-on-reddit/top-things/top-things/reddits/m/movies.csv")
movie_products['subreddit'] = "r/movies"

Create a DataFrame of products mentioned on either subreddit.


The title mean :

Merge two datasets

combined_products = pd.concat([gaming_products, movie_products])

Running results :



The Powerlifting Database dataset on Kaggle includes one CSV table for powerlifting meets and a separate one for powerlifting competitors. Run the cell below to load these datasets into dataframes:

Run the following code Import the data set required for this question

powerlifting_meets = pd.read_csv("../input/powerlifting-database/meets.csv")
powerlifting_competitors = pd.read_csv("../input/powerlifting-database/openpowerlifting.csv")

The first data set is as follows ( Observe the number of columns )
The second data set is as follows ( Observe the number of columns )
Both tables include references to a MeetID, a unique key for each meet (competition) included in the database. Using this, generate a dataset combining the two tables into one.


The title mean :

basis MeetID For two data sets To merge horizontally

powerlifting_combined = powerlifting_meets.set_index("MeetID").join(powerlifting_competitors.set_index("MeetID"))

Running results :


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