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The founder of pandas teaches you how to use Python for data analysis (mind mapping)

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Reading guide :Python It's the king language in the field of data science , Many scientists 、 The engineer 、 Analysts use it to do data related work . because Python It is easy to learn 、 The flexible features of grammar , A lot of people who need to process data want to learn , There are two main categories :

Finance and Economics 、 Statistics background , They have a lot of data to deal with in their daily work 、 analysis , But for learning to use programming languages in the computer field Python I don't know what to do .

Some want to learn Python I'm a computer worker , They are busy with their work , I don't have much time to study systematically through the Internet Python Data technology

For the needs of these two types of personnel , Recently published 《 utilize Python Data analysis 》 The first 2 Version is a good choice . Now let's combine the contents of this book , How to use Python Data analysis .


01 Python Data analysis process and learning path

The process of data analysis can be summarized as follows : Reading and writing Processing calculations Analytical modeling and visualization Four parts . Different... Will be used in different steps Python Tools . The theme of each step also contains a lot of content .


According to the tools needed for each part ,Python The learning path of data analysis is as follows :


02 utilize Python Read and write data

Python Read and write data , It mainly includes the following contents :


Let's look at it in a little bit of code :


so , Just two or three lines of code Python Read in EXCEL file .

03 utilize Python Processing and calculating data


In the first and second steps , We mainly use Python The tool library NumPy and pandas. among ,NumPy It is mainly used in scientific calculation of vectorization ,pandas It is mainly used for phenotypic data processing .





04 utilize Python Analytical modeling


In terms of analysis and modeling , This book mainly introduces Statsmdels and Scikit-learn Two libraries .

.Statsmodels Allow users to browse data , Estimating statistical models and performing statistical tests . Extensive descriptive statistics can be provided for different types of data and for each estimator , Statistical tests , Drawing function and result statistics list .



Scikit-leran It's the famous machine learning library , All kinds of machine learning algorithms can be used quickly .



05 utilize Python Data visualization


Data visualization is an important part of data work , It can assist in the analysis, it can also show the results . This book mainly introduces Python One of the most popular visualization Libraries Matplotlib:


06 summary : Why choose this book

《 utilize Python Data analysis 》 The first 2 The original author is a data scientist in the United States Wes McKinney, He graduated from MIT , It's famous Python Data technology class library pandas The founder of , Worked in Data Science in many investment banks . The first edition of this book was written by Wes McKinney Written in 2010 year , after 7 Technological development in , Some of the techniques in the first edition are no longer applicable , So he is in 2017 Published the second edition of this book in , A lot of technology in the book 、 Code 、 The example has been updated . Because this book is highly praised , The domestic market will soon introduce .

About author : Xu Jingyi , yes 《 utilize Python Data analysis 》 The first 2 The translator of the English version , Data analyst of industrial and Commercial Bank of China , He makes a lot of use of all kinds of Python Data technology , about Python I know a lot about mathematics, science and technology , At the same time, I have a good command of English , So that the translation quality of this book can be guaranteed .

《 utilize Python Data analysis 》 The book first 2 edition

Recommended language : Suitable for just learning Python Data analysts or those who have just studied data science and scientific computing Python Programmer . Read this book to get a report on Python Lower operation 、 Handle 、 cleaning 、 A complete description of regular data sets .

The sharing format of books is PDF The electronic , Friends can also read and learn on their mobile phones !

Books are only auxiliary after all , Want to really learn more python, Of course, there should be systematic learning methods and learning tutorials to make your learning smooth on the road !

Now let's see what I prepared for you python Self taught video tutorial ( Free sharing ) If you need a small partner, you can write a letter directly “ Information ” Get it now

In this series of videos 400 Set , This video is divided into 3 season :

Season one 【 The basic chapter 】Python Basics (115 Set )

Season two 【 Improve 】Python Go deep and expand (100 Set )

Season 3 【 Extensions 】 Network programming 、 Multithreading 、 expanded memory bank (85 Set )

Fourth Season 【 Master 】 Algorithm 、Python Source code 、 Functional programming 、 Manual implementation of neural networks (100 Set )

I hope it can help the little friends who are learning programming and preparing to learn programming ! It's packed !  python Dan Qing   ←  Princess   obtain Python Data analysis pdf

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