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How to make Python run faster? Six tips!

2022-01-29 10:12:22 StarOS_ Test

Maybe Xiaobian has been paying attention to cloud computing for a long time 、 Knowledge of cloud primitives and other fields 、 Journalism , As soon as I open all kinds of We Media Software , All the courses pushed are related courses , among Python The most ( Maybe anything related to computer technology will be recommended ).

As a popular programming language ,Python There are many advantages : Easy to learn 、 The grammar is beautiful , It has a rich and powerful library , And it has a wide range of applications .

however ,Python It is not without shortcomings , One of the main disadvantages is Python The execution speed of is not fast enough . In response to this question , I've collected a few tips commonly used by the technical leaders of our team , I hope it can help you improve Python Operational efficiency .

Python Run faster Trick 1 : The key code uses the external function package ****

Python Simplifies many programming tasks , But for some time sensitive tasks , Its performance is often unsatisfactory . Use C/C++ Or the external function package of machine language to deal with time sensitive tasks , It can effectively improve the operation efficiency of applications .

These function packages are often attached to a specific platform , Therefore, you should choose the appropriate function package according to the platform you use . In short , This trick requires you to sacrifice the portability of the application in exchange for the efficiency that can only be achieved through direct programming of the underlying host .

Here are some feature packs you can choose to use to improve efficiency :





These function packs have different uses . for instance , Use C The data type of the language , It can make tasks involving memory operations more efficient or intuitive .

Pyrex Can help Python Extend such a function .Pylnline Can make you in Python It is directly used in the application C Code . Inline code is compiled independently , But it keeps all the compiled files somewhere , And make the most of C The efficiency provided by language .

Python Run faster Trick two : Use the key when sorting

Python Contains many ancient sorting rules , These rules take up a lot of time when you create custom sorting methods , When these sorting methods run, they will also delay the actual running speed of the program . The best way to sort is to use as many keys and built-in sort() Method . for example , Take the following code for example :


In each example ,list They are sorted according to the index you choose as the key parameter . This method is not only valid for numeric types , The same applies to string types .

Python Run faster Trick three : Optimization for cycles

Each programming language emphasizes the optimal loop scheme . When using Python when , You can use a wealth of techniques to make the loop run faster . However , One skill developers often forget is : Try to avoid accessing the properties of variables in a loop . for example , Take the following code for example :


Every time you call str.upper, Python Will calculate the value of this formula . However , If you assign this evaluation to a variable , Then the result of evaluation can be known in advance ,Python The program can run faster .

therefore , The key is to minimize Python The amount of work in the loop . because Python Explain the characteristics of execution , In the above example, it will greatly slow down .

( Be careful : There are many ways to optimize the loop , This is just one of them . such as , Many programmers will think , List derivation is the best way to improve the cycle speed . The key lies in , Optimizing the loop scheme is a good choice to improve the running speed of applications .)

Python Run faster Trick 4 : Use the newer Python edition

Usually , Each version Python Will include optimization content , Make it run faster than previous versions . however , The limiting factor is , Does your favorite function library have synchronous updates to support new Python edition . Instead of arguing about whether the function library should be updated , The key is the new Python Is the version efficient enough to support this update .

Make sure your code works in the new version . You need to use the new library to experience the new Python edition , Then you need to check your application when making key changes . Only after you have made the necessary corrections , You can understand the difference of the new version .  

However , If you just make sure your app runs in the new version , You are likely to miss the new features provided by the new version . Once you decide to update , Please analyze the performance of your application in the new version , And check for possible problems , Then apply the new version of features to these parts first . That's the only way , Users can be aware of the improvement of application performance at the beginning of the update .

Python Run faster Tip 5 : Try a variety of coding methods

Every time you create an application, you use the same coding method, almost without exception, which will lead to unsatisfactory operation efficiency of the application . You can try some experimental methods in program analysis . for example , When dealing with data items in the dictionary , You can use both safe methods , Make sure the data item already exists before updating , You can also update data items directly , Treat non-existent data items separately as special cases . Look at the first code below :


When at first myDict It's empty time , This code will run faster . However , Usually ,myDict Filled with data , At least fill in most of the data , At this time, it will be more efficient to change another method .


The output is the same in both methods . The difference is how the output is obtained . Jump out of the conventional mode of thinking , Creating new programming skills can make your application more efficient .

Python Run faster Trick 6 : Cross compile your application

Developers sometimes forget that computers don't understand the programming language used to create modern applications . Computers understand machine language . To run your application , You use an application to convert your human readable code into machine-readable code . Sometimes , You use a method such as Python Writing applications in such a language , And then to C++ Such a language runs your application , From the operational point of view , It is feasible. . The key lies in , What do you want your app to do , And what kind of resources can your host system provide .

That's what makes you Python Six tips for running faster , I hope it can be a reference for all developers .

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