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2021 IEEE programming language rankings: Python tops the list!

2022-01-29 22:59:55 Mengy7762 Mengya

IEEE Spectrum Of 2021 The programming language ranking list was released in !

Its official title is :“Python Still dominant in the field of new technology ”.


2021IEEE Programming language leaderboards TOP10

IEEE Spectrum 2021 The top ten programming languages are :Python,Java,C,C++,JavaScript,C#,R,Go,HTML,Swift.

As one of the most popular programming languages ,Python With ” Dominate “ Status ranked first on the list , and Java and C Languages were ranked No 2 And the 3 position .

Top Python In recent years, with big data 、 data mining 、 The development of artificial intelligence and other fields , More and more popular , because Python It's easy to learn , In addition to learning from many professional developers , Non professional data processing personnel also began to slowly contact Python Language .

Ranked No Two 、 3、 ... and Bit Java and C , yes Python A programming language that was widely used before it appeared .

among ,Java As an object-oriented language , It creates code to run on the virtual machine , Allow virtual machines to run on different platforms , Little or little need to be changed , yes Web Popular choices for applications .

In addition to the above languages, it ranks in the top three , The top ten high-level programming languages on the list are C++ 、JavaScript 、C#、R 、Go、 HTML And Swift .

among ,C# From last year's no 25 The first place directly came to the... Of this list 6 position ,HTML It is also the first time to enter the top 10 of the list .

The ranking is no 7 It is R Language , And last year, it was No 7 A still Cobol Language , This year, Cobol The language dropped to 34 position .

According to industry analysis , Because of the epidemic , Previously commonly used in foreign government management software Cobol The language has been updated , I see , The popularity of a programming language , It may also change with changing external factors .

The top of this list 10 Programming languages , It is also a popular programming language in the current employment and recruitment market , They have a lot of code and advantages , And have assembly code “ talent ”.

The ranking still covers 4 Two different types of programming languages , They are the languages used to develop websites and applications (Web), For business 、 Desktop and scientific language (Enterprise), Language for mobile devices (Mobile) And languages for embedded environments (Embedded). among HTML Also included in the category of programming language .


2021IEEE Complete list of programming languages

As an authoritative interactive language ranking in the industry , This time IEEE Spectrum stay 2021 Annual programming language list , Combined with Google 、 twitter 、GitHub、Reddit、IEEE etc. 8 From three sources 11 Indicators , It's on the list 55 Languages .

The following is a list of IEEE Spectrum The furnace is currently on the mobile end 、 Desktop and web Dominant in the application market 55 A complete list of programming languages :

About IEEE Spectrum programing language Ranking List

The list was compiled by senior editor Stephen · Cass (Stephen Cass) establish , Updated data and rankings are released every year .

this 2021 The annual list is by CASS 、 Pritty · Kurkani (Cass, Preeti Kulkarni) And ERICO · gizo (Erico Guizzo) According to Nick · Diakopruz (Nick Diakopoulous) Created for the original design of .

IEEE Adopted 8 Multiple information sources 、 according to 11 Three indicators are used for analysis .

These sources include Google、Twitter、GitHub、StackOverflow、Reddit、Hacker News、CareerBuilder and IEEE.

IEEE Spectrum The ranking list is completed according to the following data indicators :

1、Google Search for :Google Search for "X programming" The number of hits ,TIOBE Index ranking also uses this indicator .

2、Google Trend index :"X programming" Google trend index .

3、 Twitter Search : Twitter Search "X programming" near 12 Monthly hits .

4、GitHub Number of warehouses : near 12 Months Github Number of warehouses and active databases created in various languages on .

5、Stack Overflow: near 12 Months in Stack Overflow Number of questions posted in each language on the .

6、Reddit:"X programming" near 12 Months in Reddit Number of Posts .

7、Hacker News:"X programming" near 12 Months in Hacker News Number of posts on .

8、CareerBuilder:CareerBuilder It's a recruitment website , View the number of recruitment requirements in various languages .

Ranking data reflects the changing trend of current mainstream programming languages , It can be used as a reference for our study and work , But each language has its own application scenarios , So don't worry too much about , After all, the good or bad of language is how to use it .

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