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Python and go languages are so popular, which is more suitable for you?

2022-01-30 00:47:02 TSINGSEE

In this paper , We discussed Python and Go The difference between the two most popular programming languages in the world 、 Similarities and use cases . Start with a quick comparison of the two , Then look at their readability 、 Speed 、 How to stack aspects such as ease of learning .

Python and Go Different , Usually used for different purposes . Python Is the main language of data scientists , among Go Is the language of server-side commands . Go Is the language used to run the software . It's a faster language , With Java and C++ Speed execution .

Python Is used to write readable 、 A language in which code can be shared —— So the large community around it .

Technically speaking ,Go It is a procedural functional language built for speed , and Python It's an object-oriented 、 imperative 、 Functional and procedural languages . Go Support concurrency , That is, the algorithm can run its steps disorderly , and Python I won't support it .

In short , If you're dealing with data and the audience is people , Please use Python. If you are using a server , Please use Go.

Python programing language

Python On 1991 First released in 2004 . from Guido van Rossum Design ,Python Our design philosophy is centered on code readability .

Python It's an explanatory 、 advanced 、 Universal programming language . It's object-oriented . Because its design focuses on readability ,Python The community will be based on the code Pythonic Rate each other's codes to a certain degree . Because of its readability ,Python Very suitable :

  • Learning to program
  • Collect ideas quickly
  • Share code with others

Go programing language

Go yes Golang Abbreviation ,Go By the first Robert Griesemer、Rob Pike and Ken Thompson On 2007 In Google Design .

Go Is a statically typed compiled programming language , from Google Open source and maintain . Go yes C Part of a series of programming languages , It uses a garbage collector to handle memory leaks . In the design Golang when , Its creators want to improve what already exists , One of them is readability .

1、 Readability

The basic standard for unreadable code is Java and C++. Python and Go All hope to improve them . Go Some changes have been made . And Python similar ,Go To cancel the :

  • Colon at end of line
  • Use of parentheses and parentheses .

If you are familiar with C Language level , Then it should look familiar :

Go Code example :

package main

import "fmt"

func split(sum int) (x, y int) {
	x = sum * 4 / 9
	y = sum - x

func main() {
 Copy code 

return : 7 10

Python Code example ( Not -Pythonic):

even_numbers = []

for number in range(10):
 if number % 2 == 0:

 Copy code 

Python Code example (Pythonic):

even_numbers = [ x for x in range(10) if x % 2 == 0]
 Copy code 

return :

[0, 2, 4, 6, 8]
 Copy code 

2、 Error handling

majority IDE Will help in writing Python Error found while code . And Python Different ,Go No error handling . It's built for people who already know how to code . Although easier to read and type , But the price of simplicity is to leave more room for errors in the code , This means that it will take more time to debug the code .

3、 Speed

Speaking of speed ,Go Soon .Go The original intention is to be fast , But it's not Python The only goal of . In most benchmarks ,Go Far more than Python.Go Even more than Java The speed of , It is generally accepted that Java Than Python Much faster . If it comes down to the need for a program to quickly load software , that Go Namely Go The choice of .

4、 library

Python Than Go Good morning! 16 year , So a larger community has been built around it . In this community , It faces all types of Stack Overflow A lot of support : beginner 、 Course 、 Tutorials and instructions , And finally Python library . Probably , Never have to be in Python Start from scratch .

Python The library is especially huge . They can let anyone who writes code do what they want to do on the first day . Use Pandas You can easily explore data tables , Use TensorFlow and PyTorch Machine learning can be done easily .

Go No such support is provided . You have to write all your own scripts to search the data table . stay Go Developing machine learning in will be a huge effort .( top Go Libraries are related to server maintenance )

5、 share

And Jupyter notebook Share executable Python Code is one of the common workflow tools in the world of data science . Jupyter Notebooks and Google Colab Notebooks allow Python Users read and execute code in a very interactive reading and writing experience .

stay Go It will be difficult to start and share these types of charts .

6、 Easy to learn

Programming languages are better designed 、 More intelligent . The readability of any code makes it easy to learn . In the programming world , The accepted fact is that **, If you learn a language , You can learn any other language —— You just need to delve into .**

Discussing differences only makes sense for picky people and people who can already read and write in one language . In a sense , These differences don't matter , It should involve a person's choice to start programming . contrary , These differences are only important when choosing the language best suited to perform the function .

Conclusion : choose Go still Python?

Go and Python Are easy to use and learn .Go It's really fast . Python There is a lot of community support .

at present , stay Go The development of ,Go Mainly used for server-side applications .Python Is the preferred language for data scientists , And it's likely to last a long time . all ML Library developers are investing time in Python Development Library .Go May get there in time , But for now , There is room for two languages in the programmer's Toolkit .

TSINGSEE When the R & D personnel of Qingxi video are doing platform development , Use... In intelligent analysis Python There will be more compilations , In part of the basic level call capacity, we use Golang More . You can choose the language of initial learning according to your own needs , Or through our open source project EasyDarwin To test it .

We are in artificial intelligence technology + Video field , take AI testing 、 Intelligent recognition technology is integrated into various video application scenarios , Such as : Security monitoring 、 Face detection in video 、 People flow statistics 、 Dangerous behavior ( climb to a higher point 、 Fall down 、 Push, etc ) Detection and identification, etc . Typical examples are EasyCVR Video convergence cloud service , have AI Face recognition 、 License plate recognition 、 Voice talk 、 Pan tilt control 、 Audible and visual alarm 、 The ability of monitoring video analysis and data collection .

Of course , Some netizens also think that : As a programming language ,Golang Is better than Python. Go In most cases, it definitely has the upper hand , It may not Python The fame gained over the years and the expansion of the Internet , but Go It must also catch up in this regard . Welcome to discuss with us in the comments section .

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