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My new book "Python 3 web crawler development practice (Second Edition)" has been recommended by the father of Python!

2022-01-30 02:50:09 Cui Qingcai

Don't worry. , This book is not on the market yet , But soon .

Recently, my friends have been urging : Why hasn't your second edition of the reptile book come out yet , I've been waiting for years ! Didn't you finish it a few months ago ? Why is it so slow .

Don't worry. , This is really going to be on the market soon .

Why my second edition “ childbirth ” What about it ? There are many reasons :

  • One is work , The first edition of the book was written during graduate school , After working, I found that some cases in the book have expired , So I decided to write the second edition . But work is work after all , The content of work still needs to be put in the first place , So the content of the second edition is basically written after work or on weekends , So it's slow .

  • The other is to solve the problem of case expiration , Before, I spent a lot of energy making my own crawler case platform ,, There are dozens of reptile cases , These cases are explained in the book , This solves the problem that some cases are overdue , It can also better help readers practice , Before and after this case platform has been done for less than half a year .

When the book is finished , In fact, there are a lot of things , Such as reviewing manuscripts 、 modify 、 cover design 、 Recommendation, etc , In short, the steps are very cumbersome , Write another article about writing a book another day .

Talk about the recommendation alone .

Recommendation is the evaluation and recommendation of experts printed on the back of the book , It's usually a few words plus the expert's Title. It's on the recommendation , I also held back “ Big recruit ”, That is to let Python The father of Guido van Rossum Write me a recommendation .

Python The father must know who it is ? Namely Guido van Rossum,Python That's him 1989 Written in .

Some people say , How dare you think , And I want you to Python The father of gives you this “ Unknown ” Written recommendations ? Noisy ? How can people talk to you ?

Actually, it's incredible to think about it , But I still want to try , If you can really get Python Father's recommendation , It was a great honor !

In addition, because I work at Microsoft ,Python The father of Guido 2020 In, he also announced to join Microsoft . therefore , He and I are more or less from the same company ( But obviously the position gap is too big ).

therefore , There may still be a chance ?

good , So here comes the question , My books are written in Chinese ,Python My father can't read Chinese , Do how? ? Should I translate the whole book again ?

Yes , That's true , I can't give a Chinese content or nothing, just ask him to write a recommendation for me ? That's funny .

Before that , For several months, the contents of the whole book were still being reviewed and revised , It will be almost September when the manuscript is reviewed , Then around September , I got the whole book reviewed by the editor Word file , But it hasn't been formally typeset yet . Have a look , This Word There are 1000 Multi page , good heavens , I can't believe I wrote so much .

But there's no way , Then you have to translate it again .

If I translate all by hand, it will be too troublesome , So I found some tools from the Internet , such as Word Full text translation tools , Behind it is docking Google translate , But these tools also have upload size limits , So I split the chapters , Translate part by part and then merge .

Of course, you know ,Google The quality of translation can't be guaranteed , For example, some expressions and nouns are not translated accurately , I have to manually review and modify . So I spent many days checking and revising the full text , Including inaccurate titles 、 describe 、 Nouns and so on . Then I reorganized the whole directory index .

In short, the whole translation preparation process took almost half a month , Finally, after translating the English version, it's almost 1600 page , As shown in the figure , For example, the last section of the directory is 1561 page :

 Translation of the book

however , This is not enough , If you throw this book away , People don't have time to see what to do ? I have to introduce the whole book .

So I translated the introduction and preface of the book again , The content includes : The original intention of writing the book 、 The introduction of the whole book 、 Overall chapter planning , Such words can help Guido Better understand the context and content of the whole book .

So there are the following contents :

 Introduction to the book

It doesn't seem to be enough , In case Guido What if you find it troublesome to write a recommendation ? If I could give him some Draft Candidate Are candidates more helpful ? So he can find some inspiration or modify it a little , So I drafted some candidate recommendations , Sort out a document .

Um. , It's almost ready , There are three things :

  • The translation of the book

  • The content of the book

  • Candidate recommendation

The next step is to contact Guido 了 , I felt uneasy in my heart .

To be more formal , I sent an email to Guido, The whole content of the email is : First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for him , Then introduce your basic situation and the basic situation of the book , Like what I do , Sales of the first edition in China, etc , Then he said frankly that he wanted to ask him to help write a recommendation . Then I will attach some details of my book , For example, the full-text translation manuscript I sorted out 、 Content introduction 、 Candidate recommendation, etc .

The contents are as follows :

I am very nervous and excited , Send key pressed .

Then there's the long wait .

I wake up every morning to see if the mail has been received Guido In response to the letter .

Not back .

Still not .

Still not back .

Still didn't return .

It seems to be getting cold .

It seems cold .

It seems really cold .

It's really cold .

Maybe I'm too busy or didn't see my email .

later , I contacted the general manager of our department Director( No specific information will be disclosed here ), See if he can help me connect once Guido, He readily agreed .

I don't know my Director How to contact , He said he looked for it alone Guido, It may be sending letters or internal contacts .

And then the next day , He told me , obtain Guido Replied !Guido It's true that I've been busy recently , I also hope to have one Draft Candidate Provide him with recommendations , He can rewrite it in combination with the content of the book .

my Director People are also very good , He also gave me a lot of advice , And helped me revise what I wrote before Draft Candidate Recommend to him , Forwarded my email and helped me introduce .

Last ,Guido Gave the final recommendation !!

Guido  In response to the letter , Cover up part of the message

When I received this email, I was really happy to jump up , I'm so happy ! I finally got my book Python The father's recommendation !

The text is as follows :

I am happy to see that Python is so widely used in the Chinese IT community. I hope this book will help more people understand Python and web crawling/scraping. *

--Guido van Rossum, creator of Python, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft

The main idea is , I am very happy Python Can be so widely used in Chinese communities , I hope this book can help more friends learn Python And web crawlers .

Um. , The whole process is quite long , But I'm really happy to finally have a good result , It's really a great honor to get Python Father's recommendation , At the same time, thank you very much for my Director Help me contact and give advice .

obtain Guido After the recommendation of , The subsequent process will be very fast , I have also contacted the recommendation and preface of other experts , Thank you very much for your recommendation , Thanks will be expressed one by one in the book .

Now the content has been reviewed , Finally, add the recommendation to the cover and put it into printing !

Please wait a little longer , Soon 《Python3 Web crawler development practice ( The second edition )》 I'm going to meet you ~

More highlights , Please pay attention to my official account 「 Attacking Coder」 and 「 Cui Qingcai is looking for 」.

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