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Python basic exercises teaching! can't? (practice makes perfect)

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Personal perception

IT What are the characteristics of the industry ? Rapid development , Your carelessness , May face the elimination of the industry . You have to have your own corresponding measures and plans ! Personal measures are eight words : Remain true to our original aspiration , From beginning to end !

self-taught Python , Is the same , Learning is good , But the one that doesn't need three degrees of heat , Or I won't buy your book, hahaha ~ What book ?《 From beginning to giving up 》 You'll see .

So , No matter what you do, you have to stick to it , the determination to win victory and the courage to surmount every difficulty 、 We must understand the truth of Jingwei reclamation , If no one planted trees , How can future generations enjoy the cool ? Plant trees when you are young , Enjoy the cool when you are old !( Personal view )

Get into the business : There are many ways to learn , If you have any good ideas, you can leave a message in the comment area !

I've seen too many studies Python I like reading documents 、 There are also people who like watching videos , There are also people watching the live broadcast , The way of learning depends on the individual , We can only say that each has its own merits !

But my job is to learn a truth. Those who want money don't learn , Fatal ? Loathe to give up , Why not go whoring for nothing ?( ̄▽ ̄)

Python Learning resources ( There is not much information , Just practical !)

Document learning :

  • Lightweight Django
  • Python Give Way Excel Fly up
  • Master Scrapy Web crawler
  • Python Machine learning practice guide
  • Python Programming core
  • Python Programming : From introduction to practice
  • Python Fun programming : From getting started to artificial intelligence
  • Data structure and algorithm __Python Language description
  • FlaskWeb Development : be based on Python Of Web Application development practice

There are suggestions to read more , If you haven't seen it, you can search and view the documents online ! Trouble can click here to download : Python documentation Extraction code : uhxv


Video learning

Currently updated :

To be updated :

  • Python Basics
    • Python- Basic grammar
    • Variables and constants
    • Print and output
    • Operator

  • Python data type
    • data type
    • Numeric type
    • Boolean type
    • String subscript
    • String slice
    • String common operations
    • list
    • Tuples
    • Dictionaries
    • byte
    • set aggregate

  • Python Process control
    • Sequential execution
    • conditional
    • Cycle control

  • Python function

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