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Python code to scan code to pay attention to official account login

2022-01-30 16:10:11 Ice and wind all over the sky

  General train of thought : Call wechat QR code interface with parameters to generate QR code , The front end displays the QR code and carries out long link communication with the server at the same time , Monitor attention status , If there are concerns about the corresponding scene code parameters , Then log in .

The following is the service diagram

Main code implementation :

Get QR code part

1. take access_token

app_id = 'xxxx'
app_secret = 'xxxxxx'
url = '{0}&secret={1}'.format(app_id, app_secret)
resp = requests.get(url)
rs = util.get_redis_con()
access_token = resp.json()['access_token']
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This access_token The term of validity is two hours , So it is suggested to write a scheduled task , Execute every hour , Deposit in redis, Use it every time redis Take it .

2. take ticket

my_scene_str = 'xxxxx'  #  The scene code can be used as key Put it in redis And set an expiration time as QR code  
url = '{0}'.format(access_token)
data = {
        "expire_seconds": 604800,
        "action_name": "QR_STR_SCENE",
        "action_info": {"scene": {"scene_str": md5_user_key}}
resp =, json=data)
ticket = resp.json()['ticket']
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3. Take QR code picture ( When the picture is returned here, the scene code is also returned to the front end , In this way, if the front end uses polling to obtain the attention status, it can not use long links )

url = '' + ticket
resp = requests.get(url)
img = base64.b64encode(resp.content).decode('ascii')
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The pictures taken from this are base64 Back to the front end , Front end use src="data:image/png;base64,"+img You can show

Get the attention status value

Method 1 : Use scenario code polling

Send request polling md5_user_key

Method 2 : Use scene code to establish long link connection , Wait for the server to push

flask It is recommended to use socketio

Analyze wechat server message

  New attention is paid to the content of user code scanning message

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  Content of code scanning message of old users

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ToUserName: Members of the public, id

FromUserName: User openid 

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
root = ET.fromstring('utf-8'))
dic = {}
for x in root:
    dic[x.tag] = x.text

if dic.get('MsgType') == 'event':
    if dic.get('Event') == 'subscribe':
        parse_subscribe(dic)  #  Scan the code for new users 
    if dic.get('Event') == 'SCAN':
        parse_scan(dic)  #  We have paid attention to the user scanning code 
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Use openid Get the concerned wechat user information

url = "{access_token}&openid={open_id}&lang=zh_CN"
resp = requests.get(url.format(access_token=access_token, open_id=open_id))
resp.encoding = 'utf-8'
return resp.json()
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 Returns the parameter 
{'subscribe': 1, 
'openid': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', 
'nickname': 'xxx', 
'sex': 1, 
'language': 'zh_CN', 
'city': 'xx',
 'province': 'xx', 
 'country': 'xx', 
 'headimgurl': '', 
 'subscribe_time': 1609128953, 
 'unionid': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', 
 'remark': '', 
 'groupid': 0, 
 'tagid_list': [], 
 'subscribe_scene': 'ADD_SCENE_QR_CODE', 
 'qr_scene': 0, 
 'qr_scene_str': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'}
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