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[Python data collection] selenium automated test framework

2022-01-30 19:37:29 liedmirror

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A lot of times , adopt js Dynamic rendering does not return plaintext data directly , But through some encryption algorithms , As a result, we can't get the correct data . Regarding this , We can go through Selenium Automated testing framework , Simulate the browser to achieve real “ You can climb when you can see it ”.


Selenium By imitating browser behavior ,selenium By opening a browser , Then execute the operation events set by our implementation , So as to achieve data acquisition .


Selenium There are two different versions

Selenium RC,Remote Control: Tradition Selenium frame . Selenium Webdriver: New automation interface , Break through the Selenium 1 Some of the limitations of .

Our common version is Selenium Webdriver, This version will also be selected later .

technological process

  1. Driver created and sent to browser ;
  2. The driver contains a HTTP Server, Used to receive http request ;
  3. HTTP Server Manipulate the browser to perform steps according to the request ;
  4. The browser returns the result of the step execution to HTTP Server;
  5. HTTP Server Return the result to Selenium Script .


  1. install selenium library

Execute the following command :

pip install selenium
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  1. install chrome drive

( limit windows) download chromedrive.exe Driver program , Then copy it to python or env Of scripts Under the table of contents .


from selenium import webdriver
from import Options from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

url = r""
chrome_options = Options() 
driver = webdriver.Chrome(chrome_options=chrome_options) 
html = driver.page_source 
#  Use... In the back BeautifulSoup To extract 
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Selenium The advantage is that , It can be passed sleep Wait for loading , So you can ignore js Logic on ; But it also has a fatal disadvantage : Easy to detect , Therefore, there are great restrictions on the use .

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