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The cover of Python 3 web crawler development (Second Edition) has been determined!

2022-01-31 01:17:37 Cui Qingcai

I launched a vote the other day , Let's help for 《Python3 Web crawler development practice ( The second edition )》 Choose some covers , Everyone also came up with ideas .

In fact, there is little difference between the second edition and the first edition , This design is mainly to change the picture of the cover , Then add a second edition logo .

The cover of the first edition was like this :

But I think there is still room for improvement , So I wanted to change it .

Then I designed one myself , Then at the same time, the designer also designed a , Finally, there are several versions :

I just couldn't make up my mind , Then a vote was launched , Invite all the partners in the group to vote .

Everyone is also very active , More than 300 people voted , It turns out like this :

At that time, option 1 was the first picture just designed , Options 2 and 3 are the second picture just designed , Only the background elements changed slightly .

As a result, almost everyone voted for option 3 .

But in fact, I'm not very satisfied with the spider of this option , It grows like this. :

I just feel , It's like a joke ? And the legs are too thin , No transitions or bends , Strange . But the first design is based on everyone's feedback , It's said that the shape of spiders is scary , Others say it doesn't look like a spider , Like an octopus , Are you kidding me? .

Anyway, the more I think about the above two pictures, the more dissatisfied I am , On the whole, it's still because of the outline .

Then I like to find some spider outlines myself , Ready to do another .

How to do it? ?

If you find a nice outline , In fact, it's just to generate a word cloud map .

I'm looking for it , I found some good outlines , The next step is to generate a word cloud from this outline .

You might think , It's too troublesome to generate this word cloud map , There are corresponding keywords , Also conform to the corresponding contour , And look good at the same time , It's a little difficult , At present, in the market, I have to find a designer to make a word cloud map 500 Dollars? .

Of course , Actually Python There is also a corresponding word cloud map generation library , But I don't think the function is so refined .

Do you want to draw yourself ?

Actually, it doesn't have to be so troublesome , I found a website , It's called micro word cloud , This is still relatively simple and easy to use , We just need to enter the keywords and the frequency of each word , You can also customize the desired contour , It can automatically generate a word cloud , As shown in the figure :

This is a new contour determined , Does this spider look much more comfortable ? It doesn't look scary , It's not that strange .

Finally, I found many small partners and saw the final effect , Everyone thinks it's good to put this on the cover .

Um. ! Finally, it is ! After several days of modification , The final effect is as follows :

At the same time, it was added on the cover of the first edition Python The words recommended by the father , in addition 「 The first 2 edition 」 Three words are directly marked under the title of the book .

The final full seal is as follows :

On the back is the recommendation of four experts .

The price is 139.8 element , you 're right , The book ends with 900 Multi page ,139.8 element , In fact, this price is very cost-effective on the basis of this page number .

What is the state of the book now ?

Now the manuscript has been sent to the printing inspection department , If there is no problem with pre press inspection, print directly :

After printing, I will go to the printing factory to sign thousands of copies , Then there will be a signed version of the book for everyone .

Please wait patiently for a few days , The book will be available to you soon ~

More highlights , Please pay attention to my official account 「 Attacking Coder」 and 「 Cui Qingcai is looking for 」.

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