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Bamboolib: this will be one of the most useful Python libraries you've ever seen

2022-01-31 02:15:37 Sheep in wolf's clothing_

This is my participation 11 The fourth of the yuegengwen challenge 3 God , Check out the activity details :2021 One last more challenge .

This article is Bamboolib The third in the series , I haven't read the last one. Go to my home page / Look in the column ~

Data visualization

Bamboolib It's a great tool for creating fast data visualization . for example , To create a histogram , Click Create diagram , Select the graphic type 、 choice x Axis , That's it . You only need to click four times to create a beautiful chart .

 Create histograms

Or you can create a box diagram . The process is very similar . Good and simple !

 Create a boxplot

Bamboolib There are many other types of charts to explore , But this game data set is not the best choice for Creating Charts . however , You can test this feature with other data sets . There are still many things worth exploring .

Data exploration

Bamboolib Make data exploration very simple . You can get an overview of your dataset with one click . Click on Explore DataFrame, It will return, it will return the average 、 Median 、 Four percentile 、 Standard deviation 、 The number of observations 、 Missing value 、 Summary statistical information such as the number of positive and negative Observations . It will also create some charts , So that you can more intuitively understand the data distribution .

If your dataset contains datetime data type , It can also create charts , Display the change of data over time . therefore , Instead of wasting time creating separate charts to understand data sets , You can use this function to view the data .

 Data exploration


call ! I'm very happy to have this library get the attention it deserves . Yes , I know this is not the first one about Bamboolib The blog of , But I still want to express my views , There are many things worth exploring .

Bamboolib It is a potential library —— It can change the way we analyze data and learn . I have used Pandas Several years. , But by using Bamboolib, I learned more new things . Thanks for reading , See you in the next article .

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