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Test platform series (71) Python timed task scheme

2022-01-31 02:42:09 Milo

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Timing task

Timing task , seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function : A scheduled task , It can be a paragraph bash command , It can also be a script file . Usually used for things we need to do at a specific time .

for instance : Every night 8 Click to execute the whole business scenario Interface automated regression testing , Or every 20 Go to your house in ten minutes QQ Stealing vegetables from the farm !

Python Scheduled tasks for

If it is a large and medium-sized company , There must be a corresponding platform Let everyone access . Generally, the name or description of such a platform is : Distributed task scheduling platform In this way . If not, there are jenkins Meet our needs ~

Think of bloggers before " When I was a child "( At work ), The company is useless jenkins, There is no such big platform to access . How do I do scheduled tasks ?

Look at a piece of code :

import time
from datetime import datetime

def func():
    #  This is a scheduled task to be performed ui/ Interface automation method 

def main():
    while True:
      #  Get the current time 
      now =
      if now.hour == 20 and now.minute == 0:
          #  When time arrives at night 8 spot 0 branch , We started running automated tasks 
          print(" The task begins ")
if __name__ == "__main__":
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I don't know if anyone still uses this way Timing execution automated testing , Since all 2021 Years. , Let's go a little further . So the scheduled task is Python How to do it in ? Then look at .

Several common schemes


If you just above-mentioned Of Simple appeal , Then I suggest using schedule library . My personal feeling about this library is Primary school students Version of the upgrade , For my limited sleep The task has made some extensions :

  • Supports the execution of tasks by cycle
  • The execution time is more user-friendly
  • Also support week X perform

  1. install scheduler
pip install schedule
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  1. An example from the official website
import schedule
import time

#  Define an execution method 
def job():
    print("I'm working...")

#  Every time 10 Once per minute job
#  Once an hour job
#  Every day 10:30 perform job
#  Once a week 
#  Every Wednesday 13:15 Do it once 
#  In every minute 17 Once per second 

while True:
    #  Get into schedule loop 
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It can be seen that ,api Very simple , Semantics is also very Clear . It can basically meet our needs ~ If we just have to do something regularly , I think this library is very human.


Compared with this tool, we all know something about it ~jenkins Is a relatively powerful software , It can get through git/svn, It also supports scheduled tasks, etc . There are plenty of plug-ins , such as mail , It's a complete set CI/CD Solution . Record the execution result of the task , It is also traceable . I guess the only drawback is , Introduced Additional systems . Maybe I'm just an automated testing framework , Now we have to build a set jenkins.

If you have code changes -> Similar requirements for performing scheduled tasks , If you need a perfect authority control system , that jenkins It's going to be your choice .


What I know about this guy Not too much , but python+celery It seems to be a fixed collocation . I don't know if I understand :

celery It's a task queue , You can make rules for task execution , Put it in the queue , There will be special consumers to help you perform these tasks .

I have to mention here Persistence 了 ~

The persistence of digression

What is persistence ? Generally speaking , It's instantaneous data ( For example, data in memory , It can't be kept forever ) Persist to persistent data ( For example, persistence to a database , Can be preserved for a long time )

We can data Put it in the file , You can also put it in the database ( It's actually on disk ) For persistent storage .

The purpose of this : Data can be stored , I'll get these data next time . There's too much in it , I'm going to open another section later .

We are Python The variables inside , These data are stored in Memory In the middle of , So we just schedule It is not supported Persistence Of .( Or maybe I didn't study )

that jenkins Do you support it? ? He is supportive , Would you , You build a project , There's some in there job Configuration of , When to execute , What did you do , The last save .

The above is a persistent process .

After you save the data , The task information of this project can be obtained next time , In other words, even if you restart jenkins, The task remains .

explain Mission Itself as a piece of data , It has been preserved for a long time .


"APScheduler It's a Python library , Allows you to schedule later Python Code , Only once or periodically . You can add new jobs or delete old jobs according to your needs . If you store work in a database , They will also restart the surviving scheduler and remain in state . Restart When the scheduler , It will run it offline 1 All jobs that should run when ."

This is an excerpt from ApScheduler Introduction to the official website , Generally speaking, it supports the addition, deletion, modification and query of tasks ( Persistence ), It can also support Timing task Implementation . It's relatively light , Unlike celery So complicated , It's not like schedule So simple . Because we are not going to introduce jenkins, So in general ,ApScheduler It's the best choice for us to perform regular tasks .

Because of the space , That's all for today ~

In the next section, we will introduce in detail ApScheduler stay pity Application of sound in .

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