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Python uses the pynvml tool to obtain the working status of GPU

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In the process of deep learning, we often need to communicate with GPU Dealing with , It needs to be determined before training GPU Working state . In this paper, python Medium pynvml How to use the package , Used to obtain the above information .


Directly through pip install :

pip install nvidia-ml-py
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Or according to the python Install the corresponding package :

pip install nvidia-ml-py2  # python2
pip install nvidia-ml-py3  # python3
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Usage method

#  Import package 
import pynvml 
#  Every time MB Number of bytes contained 
NUM_EXPAND = 1024 * 1024
#  initialization 
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#GPU Driver information 
-> b'441.22'
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# obtain Nvidia GPU Number of blocks 
-> 1
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# obtain GPU 0  Of handle
handle = pynvml.nvmlDeviceGetHandleByIndex(0)
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#  Equipment name 
-> b'GeForce GTX 1660'
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# adopt handle obtain GPU 0  Information about 
info = pynvml.nvmlDeviceGetMemoryInfo(handle)
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#GPU 0  Total video memory 
-> 6442450944 / NUM_EXPAND
-> 6144.0
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#GPU 0  Video memory used 
-> 383299584
info.used / NUM_EXPAND
-> 365.54296875
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# close  pynvml
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Step on the pit

  • Report errors : pynvml.NVMLError_LibraryNotFound: NVML Shared Library Not Found

The pit has been filled : solve pynvml Report errors NVML Shared Library Not Found / WinError 126

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