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The same Python code draws many different cherry trees. Which one do you like?

2022-01-31 05:34:35 White and white I

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Lidong ! Officially entering winter , But the weather in Changsha is good and bad in these two days , But it's sunny today , I suddenly thought of the video of drawing cherry blossoms before , Then take advantage of a good mood to analyze it , Hey, hey, it's really nice , And a code can draw a variety of styles at random , Let's have a look

Achieve the goal

adopt Python Draw cherry trees

Video presentation :

 Cherry Blossom dynamic diagram .gif

Because a kind of cherry tree needs to be painted for a long time , I'll show you a little , Of course, there are many kinds that have not been recorded one by one , You can study it yourself , Xi xi xi

Tool preparation

development tool :pycharm
development environment :python3.7, Windows11
Using the toolkit :turtle

Project analysis ideas

The project idea is divided into 3 part :

  • Draw the fallen petals of cherry blossoms , Fallen petals
  • Add branches to the cherry tree
  • Add a painting background to the cherry tree
  • Color drawing selects colors of various styles

Draw falling petals

Determine the number of petals falling , The number of fallen petals is judged according to the cherry tree branches , Multiply by the number of branches 15, The bigger the tree, the more it falls
Set the coordinates of the petals. Set the size of the petals to (10,10) Control the brush to move to the specified area and lift the brush , forward y, Turn left 90, go x, Set pen to paper , Draw the petal shape , After painting, the number of petals will ok, Assign color to the drawing shape , Outline the circle , Go back to the starting point and pick up the pen , back off x, Turn right 90, back off y, Set pen to paper

def draw_petal(turtle_obj, flower):
    #  Draw falling petals 
    for i in range(int(flower)):
        #  Positive and negative can make the brush go in two directions 
        x = flower - 4 * flower * random()

        #  Overall petal width (-10, 10)
        y = 10 - 20 * random()

        #  write , forward y, Turn left 90, go x, Set pen to paper 

        #  Coral 
        #  A circle

        #  Back to the beginning 
        #  write , back off x, Turn right 90, back off y, Set pen to paper 

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Draw the branches

Determine the number of branches , Color number selection of color , First, set the minimum branch length by default, and set the color on both sides of each branch to look better , White on the left , Coral on the right , The probability of branching is set at 0.5, Branches can be set to grow randomly , Set by random number

#  Draw the branches 
def draw_tree(turtle_obj, branch, tree_color):
    #  Set a minimum branch length 
    min_branch = 4

    if branch > min_branch:
        if branch < 8:
            #  With 0.5 Probability , towards the left 、 Right branch 
            if randint(0, 1) == 0:
                #  White on the left 
                #  Coral on the right 
            #  Branches 
            turtle_obj.pensize(branch / 2)
        elif 8 <= branch <= 16:
            #  With 0.33 Probability , Divided into left 、 in 、 Right branch 
            if randint(0, 2) == 0:
                #  White on the left 
                #  in 、 Coral on the right 
            #  The branches of the 
            turtle_obj.pensize(branch / 4)
            #  brown 
            #  Twig 
            turtle_obj.pensize(branch / 10)

        #  The initial trunk length 

        #  Random degree factor 
        a = 1.5 * random()
        #  Rotate the random angle clockwise (0~30 degree )
        turtle_obj.right(20 * a)

        #  Random length factor 
        b = 1.5 * random()
        #  Draw to the right , Until the painting doesn't move 
        draw_tree(turtle_obj, branch - 10 * b, tree_color)

        #  Left turn random angle 
        turtle_obj.left(40 * a)
        #  Draw to the left , Until you can't move the position 
        draw_tree(turtle_obj, branch - 10 * b, tree_color)

        #  Turn right at an angle 
        turtle_obj.right(20 * a)
        #  write 

        #  The end of recursion returns to the starting point 

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Create a canvas , Add data color , Set the acceleration factor of operation

def get_screen(width, height, color, speed):
    #  Create a screen 
    screen_obj = turtle.Screen()
    #  Canvas size :(width, height), Color :color
    screen_obj.screensize(width, height, bg=color)
    screen_obj.setup(1.0, 1.0)
    # speed Double acceleration 

    return screen_obj

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Color canvas brush selection :

  • The color of the trunk
  • The size of the brush
  • Progressive phase prime lattice
  • Create a brush
  • Brush thickness adjustment
  • The choice of picking up and writing
  • Brush color configuration
  • Set constant parameters The thickness of the branches Number of fallen flowers Number of pieces
def trees(tree_num):
    #  Color 
    color = ['brown', 'tan', 'black']

    for j in range(tree_num):
        #  Trunk color 
        tree_color = color[randint(0, len(color) - 1)]

        #  Brush size 
        pensize = randint(2, 5)
        #  Forward pixel 
        forward = ((-1) ** pensize) * pensize * randint(20, 50)
        #  Back pixels 
        if pensize <= 3:
            backward = ((-1) ** pensize) * (5 - pensize) * randint(10, 15)
            backward = pensize * randint(45, 50)

        #  Create a brush 
        turtle_obj = turtle.Turtle()
        #  Brush thickness 
        #  write , forward forward, Turn left 90,backward, Set pen to paper 
        #  Brush color : brown 

        #  The branches are thick and thin 
        branch = pensize * 15
        #  Number of fallen flowers 
        flowers = branch
        #  The first j tree 
        draw_tree(turtle_obj, branch, tree_color)
        #  petals 
        draw_petal(turtle_obj, flowers)

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