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[Python souvenir book] two people in one room have three meals and four seasons: 'how many years is it only XX years away from a hundred years of good marriage' ~?? Just come in and have a look.

2022-01-31 09:51:58 Muzixue Python



“ Spring, summer, autumn and winter , Day and month , I and Qing . This is the first year , There will be many more .”

A year 365 God , Year after year , When your girlfriend asks you :“ How long have we been together ?!!”

This may be a sending proposition :

Maybe you have walked through countless scales hand in hand on the timeline , But you remember ? You said you didn't remember , That may be what the object thinks , Maybe

There may also be a quarrel or you don't have her in your heart ~

How to answer this question easily and accurately ?

Today, mumuzi will take you to make a simple interface applet to commemorate the days together :

Not just how many days together , Just how many hours 、 How many minutes? 、 How many seconds can you count clearly !

—— With personalized commemorative applet , Respond to your first romantic love in the universe .



This paper is based on tkinter Interface applet .

** See... For the source code base on the left side of the home page —— Where can I get the complete source code for free ~**

1) The import module

import datetime
import tkinter as tk
from PIL import Image, ImageTk
import time
import tkinter.font as tkFont
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2)  Interface settings

The title of this commemorative applet interface is : Youth Year We just 、 And set the size 800*600 And so on , You can modify it freely !

  window = tk.Tk()
        window.title(' Youth Year   We just ')
        canvas = tk.Canvas(window,height = '560',width = '800',bg = 'white')
        image ='timg (3)_2.jpeg')  
        im = ImageTk.PhotoImage(image)
        canvas.create_image(300,50,image = im)
        canvas.pack(side = 'top')
        frame1 = tk.Frame(window)  
        frame1.pack(side = 'bottom')  
        mw = Watch(window)
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3) Setup time

How much time we spend together can be set by ourselves , I did 2021,11,11,23,54,30, It's not time at all , So it's negative 23333!

def Timer():
        min_ = 0
        hour = 0
        day = 0
        d1 = 
        d2 = datetime.datetime(2021,11,11,23,54,30)
        interval = d1 - d2
        sec = interval.days*24*3600 + interval.seconds
        if sec>=60:
            min_ = sec//60
            sec = sec%60
            if min_>=60:        
                hour = min_//60
                if hour>=24:
                    day = hour//24                    
                    hour = hour%24
        timer = ' Have you :'+str(day)+'  God  '+str(hour)+'  Hours  '+str(min_)+'  minute  '+str(sec)+'  second '
        return timer
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4) Set dynamic display

class Watch(tk.Frame):  
    msec = 1000  
    def __init__(self, parent=None, **kw):  
            tk.Frame.__init__(self, parent, kw)  
            self._running = False  
            self.timestr1 = tk.StringVar()  
            self.timestr2 = tk.StringVar()  
            self.flag  = True  
    def makeWidgets(self):
            ft = tkFont.Font(family='Fixdsys', size=30, weight=tkFont.NORMAL)
            self.bgtimg=tk.PhotoImage(file='timg (3).gif')
            l2 = tk.Label(self, textvariable = self.timestr2,compound='center',image=self.bgtimg,font = ft)    
    def _update(self):  
        self.timer = self.after(self.msec, self._update)  
    def _settime(self):  
        time1 = Timer()    
    def start(self):  
        self.pack(side = 'top')
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5) Effect display

The first set of time is set at :2019,7,7,20,54,30 Wedding anniversary . Time is dynamic and changing all the time ~

​ The second set of time is set at :2021,7,7,20,54,30 When I first started falling in love . The background picture commemorates what can be modified at will ~

​ The third group only modified the background, real couple pictures to see the effect :

​ summary

This is the first question to answer :" It's only a hundred years away xx Years. ~"


Meet in the vast sea of people —— Thanks for reading ! Meeting is fate , If it helps you , Remember Sanlian ~

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