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Application of urllib package in Python

2022-01-31 11:26:03 Invincible white

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python Medium urllib Package is mainly used to operate web pages , It mainly includes :

  • urllib.request - Open and read URL.
  • urllib.error - contain urllib.request Exception thrown .
  • urllib.parse - analysis URL.
  • urllib.robotparser - analysis robots.txt file .

stay urllib The methods of , The more common method is request, It defines URL function , Including browser opening 、cookies Storage 、 Redirection and so on .

Read the contents of the form and send web request

When we need to open and log in to the specified website , You can use urllib2.Request(url_login,data1) Request method of , Among them data Data can be read from tables .

Yes excel Description of the form :excel Data in ( Numbers ) Must be in text format , To see the green triangle in the upper left corner , It's best not to copy and paste in , Prone to format errors , It's better to enter it directly .

Here, after reading the parameters in the table , Convert to json Format , And pass request Method request out .

import xlrd
import json

import urllib,urllib2

import string






for i in range(nrows):




print returnJson


# data1={"mobile":"18200000000","password":"000000","roleId":"R001"}

# print data1




print res
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There are return parameters It indicates that the interface has been connected , The rest is about parameters ( Content 、 Format json) If nothing returns , The interface is not connected , It may be a server problem ,header problem (cookie) wait .

post Parameter submission format

data={'isEnable':'false','name':' How have you been? ','questions':[{"isDelete":"false","isRequire":"false","type":0,"name":" The first question is ","orders":"null","id":"null","defaultValue":"{"0":"1","1":"2","2":"3"}","isNew":"true"}],'remark':' remarks ','users':'8d43fa4ce3e9434fab6cac7ccdb3d0fd'}

There is no need for single quotation marks for the parts in brackets .

post send out data Another data format for data : urlencoded

for example :POST HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8 title=test&sub%5B%5D=1&sub%5B%5D=2&sub%5B%5D=3

In the next issue, we will continue to talk about cookie Request method of .

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