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Python utility module playsound

2022-01-31 12:16:45 Notes of the lost schoolboy

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Environmental Science

  • windows 10 64 position
  • anaconda with python 3.8
  • playsound 1.3.0


above Python Text voice broadcast Introduced the use of Library pyttsx3 To realize voice broadcasting .pyttsx3 It's a string , That is the text , This article introduces another library playsound, It broadcasts content from voice files , such as mp3 file .playsound Support for multiple platforms , Only depend on python.


The official installation method is

pip install playsound
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But when I was executing , I found the wrong report , Prompt to download the corresponding source package


Then download it , Unzip after completion , I installed... Here git Tools for , All can be used directly git shell To operate the , It simulates linux Environment , You can use it directly tar Command to decompress


then , Let's switch to the target python A virtual environment , Enter the source directory , Use command

pip install .
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After installed , It's very simple to use

from playsound import playsound
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playsound Method also has an optional parameter block, It's a boolean type , The default is True, If it is False, Represents asynchronous execution


Because the underlying audio playing mechanism of each platform is different ,playsound It is also the method of calling the respective platform itself , No new mechanism has been introduced

  • windows

    It uses windll.winmm, The formats that have passed the test include wav and mp3

  • macos

    It uses AppKit.NSSound, The formats that have passed the test include wav and mp3, In general ,QuickTime Can broadcast ,playsound Can also broadcast

  • linux

    It uses GStreamer, because linux There are too many distributions , The author also said that there was no complete test , If you have questions, you can submit issue or pr

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