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Python AI steals your voice in 5 seconds

2022-01-31 12:41:05 Xiao Chen operation and maintenance


Python Deep learning AI - Voice cloning 、 Sound imitation , It is a three-stage in-depth learning framework , Allows you to create a digital representation of speech from a few seconds of audio , And use it to adjust text to speech model , The model has been trained , It can be summarized as a new sound .

Environment preparation and installation

Original English address :…

Chinese secondary development version ( This article uses this version ):…

pycharm Environment Download :…

conda A virtual environment :…

FFmpeg :…

Model file :… Extraction code 2021

Install... On the computer system FFmpeg Tools

download zip The compressed package connection is…

After downloading, unzip it to a directory and add the directory to the environment variable of the system


Open up new cmd Check to see if the installation is successful

ffmpeg -version


Use to open the project directory , Create with conda Of Python 3.9 A virtual environment


After creation , stay cmd View existing virtual environments in , And enter the virtual environment just created

conda env list

activate pythonProject1


Install after entering the environment pip The required depend on , And use the domestic source for installation to speed up the download

pip install -r requirements.txt -i


Install... In a virtual environment pytorch

pip install torch  -i


go back to pycharm in , Import the model into the project directory , Copy and paste the directory into the project


Modify a line of code , stay synthesizer/utils/ In file

 It is amended as follows :
_characters = 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12340!'(),-.:;? '
 Copy code 


After the terminal Start the toolbox in


Use the Audio Synthesis Toolbox


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