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How to teach yourself Python? How long will it take?

2022-01-31 19:03:21 cousin

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Hello everyone , I'm an old watch , I hope this article is helpful for beginners or confused friends .

First answer the question positively , How long will it take? : An introductory week + Select the direction for one week + Advanced study for three months , The whole is 3 Months 2 weeks , The most important thing in this process is persistence and persistence , insist Just keep going , Don't stop ; Stick to Is to stick to the same , Don't change the direction and tutorial .

One 、 The first is getting started

It is recommended to find a video course for getting started , Take a week to get through ( Don't worry about a weak grasp , Because the basic knowledge review will also be involved in the later advanced learning ).

The most important thing in the introductory stage is : Environment building and Knock more code solve the problem .

Environment building

Environment building Is the basis for a good start , It's like building a house and laying a foundation , For beginners , Environment construction is also the most error prone 、 Where the shell is stuck , Good luck , Maybe just follow the tutorial , Bad luck , Maybe it won't work for two or three days .

So in order not to be hit by learning enthusiasm , I suggest that at the beginning, you can see if there are any friends around who know relevant knowledge , Ask more , There is no such thing , You can also comment on your questions in this article , When I see it, I will give you an answer .

Python Environment building tutorial is recommended

Windows/Mac install 、 Use Python Environmental Science +jupyter notebook

Knock more code

Keep in mind when you're learning the basics , Never think that the early stage is theoretical knowledge , Just remember more and recite more , The most important thing to learn programming is to Knock more code , Repeat the code in the video or book , In this process, you will not only accumulate the experience of typing code , You will also accumulate a lot of experience in solving problems .

How to solve the problem

I'm talking , How to solve problems encountered by beginners , There are several solutions :

1) According to the error prompt , Check for code problems

2) Check carefully how the code in the video or book is different from what you wrote

3) Browser search error message , Generally, the problems you encounter , Everyone else has met ~



4) Ask learners in related fields ( Better than yourself , The better ~), When you ask for advice, remember , Describe the problem carefully , General problem description template :

xx Hello , I've been studying recently python We have this problem , Many attempts failed to solve , Let me ask you ,
 problem : Error description , Such as :TypeError: Cannot perform 'ror...
 I tried the solution :xxx,xxx,xxxx
 Screenshot of relevant code :xxx
 Screenshot of relevant error reports :xxxx
 Copy code 

remember , Talk to the boss. Don't ask : Is here or not ; Can you help solve a problem ; I want to ask you , Do you have time ... If you feel really embarrassed , Someone you don't know very well , Just send a red envelope to show your sincerity , Then throw the question directly , Don't waste each other's time .

5) You can ask questions in some forums

The solution order is down , If you can solve it yourself, you'd better solve it yourself , A problem stuck for more than an hour or more has affected your learning attitude , Don't harden the liver , Like big guys or the Internet for help ~

Specific learning materials and learning routes , You can search directly in the network , Make good use of browsers , Just choose one , remember , At the beginning of study, we must adhere to .

Two 、 Select the direction

Python It's widely used , Include : Reptiles 、 Data analysis 、web Development 、 Algorithm 、 machine learning 、 Artificial intelligence, etc , So before advanced learning , You need to choose a direction first , It's very important , Of course, you can all know first , Simply learn , Then choose one you are interested in .

When choosing the direction, be sure to pay attention to , Don't spend too much energy in less interesting directions , So it's best to end this stage in a week , And in this process, you have to constantly review and consolidate the previous foundation .

At this stage, you can consider going to the Internet to listen to some free courses 、 Or a lecture , Or find some big guys for voice communication , Learn more about the development prospects of each direction , And what needs to be done , You don't have to rush to write an advanced reptile , Reproduce a machine learning algorithm, etc ~

3、 ... and 、 Advanced learning

This is very important , The first two steps can be said to lay the foundation , This step is to build tall buildings .

First, according to your selected advanced learning direction , Choose a paid or free course on the Internet , I prefer to pay (99-500 The appearance of ), Because generally paid courses will have supporting learning exchange groups and Q & a teachers , This will be of great help to your study .

This stage , In addition to focusing on basic exercises and understanding of related industries , You should practice more related projects , Communicate more with others , Only constant communication , Share , You will learn more , Knowledge will also be stronger .

Four 、 summary

So just to conclude : First of all, we need to lay a good foundation ( Environment building 、 Based on learning 、 Problem solving ideas ), Then choose a direction that you are interested in and have prospects for development , Then choose a series of tutorials in related directions , Just keep learning . come on. , I hope we can all achieve something .

Specific learning materials and learning routes , I don't recommend , You can search directly in the network , Make good use of browsers , Just choose one , remember , At the beginning of study, we must adhere to .

See you next time , I'm an old watch who loves cats and Technology , If you think this article is helpful to your study , Welcome to thumb up 、 Comment on 、 Pay attention to me !

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