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[centos7] how to install and use Python under Linux

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  Access permissions

  • In the graphical interface (ctrl+ alt+F2 Switch ), The application in the upper left corner , Select terminal , Input :
 Then enter the password according to the prompt , You can enter and get root jurisdiction 
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Based on the environment

  • First install several necessary packages , In order to facilitate the subsequent operation
*  yum install wget gcc make
*  # wget  For downloading the source package 
*  # gcc  and  make  Used to compile 
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download python package

Open the web page ,, stay download Find the version to download in the page ( Here is python3.6.5), Save to home In the folder , Then decompress .( extract )

  • compile
*  cd Python-3.6.5
*  ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/python3.6 --enable-optimizations
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First explain the above parameters ,--prefix  Is the expected installation directory ,--enable-optimizations  It's optimization options (LTO,PGO etc. ) Add this flag After compiling , Performance has 10% Optimization of left and right ( If I remember correctly ), But this will significantly increase the compilation time . But about LTO and PGO In fact, it is not within the scope of today's article , It is suggested that those who are interested can have a look  GCC in LTO The concrete realization of . I should be less likely to write relevant articles Ha ha ha After all, you can't stop writing .


*  make
*  make install
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You'll see an error , Tips  zlib not available  therefore , We need to pretend to rely on

* yum install zlib-devel
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Then why do you need this dependency package , Because Python There is a very important built-in module  zipimport  For from Zip Import module in compressed package . And if not zlib My bag , Then you can't decompress , Naturally, the module cannot be used .

When our dependencies are installed , Re execute the above steps of compiling and installing , Found execution successful .

*  /usr/local/python3.6/bin/python3 --version
Python 3.6.5
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  • Check

Compiling and installing is not enough , Let's do some tests .

When we run Python terminal , Input  import bz2  When , You will find that there is no such module . If you are not familiar with this module , It doesn't matter . We type in  import sqlite3 be familiar with Python My classmates should be right sqlite3 Not too strange , But if you're still unfamiliar , Then press the direction key to try . Did you find , The output becomes ^[[D^[[A  Something like this ?

be familiar with Python Source code students , You must know what I'm going to say . But if you're not familiar with , No problem , I'll tell you . Normally speaking , Under the terminal, we expect that when the up arrow key is input , The previous command will be displayed , Enter the left direction key , You can move the cursor to the left . But the reality is different from our expectations , What's the cause of the ?

Here's a little bit about the historical reasons for the input device , Simply put, a module is needed to escape the user's input . Back to the point of this article , That is, when we compile and install, we lack  readline  This module . Now that the problem has been found , The solution is actually very simple

* yum install readline-devel
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After installation , Repeat the above steps , compile && Can be installed .

Use python Write code


Install well python after , The next thing you have to install is pip 了 .

curl | python
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  Set up pip Install source , Increase download speed

Create folder

mkdir home/pip
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  utilize cd Order to enter pip In the folder , establish pip.conf file

vi pip.conf
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Enter the following command , And then click Esc, Input :wq Save and exit .

index-url =
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install setuptool

pip install ez_setup
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  Try installing scrapy, Report errors :error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1

terms of settlement :

yum install gcc libffi-devel python-devel openssl-devel
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To write python Code :

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 (Esc,:wq Save and exit )

function :

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