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You need to master these before learning Python crawlers

2022-02-01 03:06:27 Internet Lao Xin

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Common protocols

http and https http agreement : Hypertext transfer protocol , It's a release and acceptance HTML Page method , The port is 80

https agreement :http Encrypted version of the protocol , stay HTTP Add the following ssl layer , The port is 443

The following is the official website of meituan : You can see that the port is 443

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Common request methods

http The protocol stipulates that in the process of data interaction between browser and server, an interaction mode must be selected stay http The agreement defines 8 In the request mode , Common is get and post request

get request : Generally, data is only obtained from the server , It doesn't have any impact on server resources .

 Insert picture description here Pay attention to when asking :

  • url
  • Request mode
  • Request header

post request : Send data to the server ( land ), Upload files, etc , When it has an impact on server resources , Will use post request .

But some websites have anti crawler mechanism , You check the information , Is also used post request , So when we write about reptiles , Be sure to analyze the website .

Common request header parameters :

http Agreement , Send a request to the server , The data is divided into three parts :

  • Put the data in url in
  • The data is in body in ,(post request )
  • The data is in head in

Common request header parameters :

  • user-agent : Browser name
  • referer: From which current request url Over here
  • cookie:http Protocol is stateless , That is, a person sends two requests , The server doesn't have the ability to know if the two requests are from the same person .

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Common corresponding status codes

  • 200 Request OK , The server returns data normally
  • 301 Permanent redirection
  • 404 Requested url Could not find... On the server
  • 418 Send request encountered server side anti crawler , The server rejects the data
  • 500 Server internal error , Maybe there's a server bug

HTTP The corresponding process of the request

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Use your browser for website analysis

The website we want to analyze is :  Insert picture description here

  • Elements: Used to analyze the structure of a website

The content presented on the page , stay Elements There will be corresponding elements .

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  • Console: The recruitment information will be printed here , Warning, etc .

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  • Sources
  • Network : When the page is displayed , All requests generated

headers Header information

session And cookie

session Represents a session between the server and the browser session It's a server-side mechanism , It is used to store the information needed by a specific user's session , Save in memory , cache , Or in the database .

cookie cooke It is generated by the server and sent to the client ,cookie It's saved on the client side

cookie principle : 1) establish cookie 2) Set up storage cookie 3) send out cookie 4) Read cookie

summary : Study Python Reptiles , Network knowledge is essential

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