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Python crawler reverse webpack, a real estate management platform login password parameter encryption logic

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Login packet capture analysis

First enter the account and password to capture the package , Password input 123456, Two encryption parameters were found , Here's the picture :

token Parameters : By searching , Discovery is returned by an interface , Direct request , You can get the desired return value .

So that's all that's left password Parameters .

Welcome to follow my personal WeChat public number :

 Insert picture description here

Encrypted location

By searching for keywords password and password:, Find it difficult to locate , Pictured :

Neither xhr, I can't fight xhr The breakpoint . I used the boss's memory roaming here hook Locate the encryption location .

Link address…

Of course, other methods also work .

hook The positioning positions of the are as follows: :

Then we point in , Here we are.

Before going into , Finally, it locates the key documents and keywords "encrypt"

Finally turn it off hook, Re search keywords , Positioning to position , Set a breakpoint , The overall encryption logic should be here .

Pick code

Copy first js Code to local , Delete useless sdk Login function

function , Then it is found that the environment is missing and an error is reported Then make up for the environment , It's not hard to , Fill up window and document Just OK 了

Next , Because the code uses webpack packaged , The format is hard , You can use first window. Variable , Export the function , In this way, it can be directly used externally .

Pay attention to this here this, The local call points to window, did not i.rsaExponent and i.rsaModulus, Fortunately, these two values are fixed , Just take it down on the website and write it down .

Finally, the encryption function is called. , You can get the desired value .

If there are shortcomings , You are welcome to point out , Thank you for watching

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