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How to learn Python systematically?

2022-02-01 11:52:23 Monkey data analysis

I don't like to recommend a bunch of references as soon as I come up , That will only make beginners more confused . Like a baby , You tell him how to learn to walk 100 Kind of , He just becomes uninterested in walking , All he wants is the most effective way to learn to walk , instead of 100 Kind of .

alike , What follows is that I just started to study by myself python Of 1 Methods , It only needs 1 Just grow .

The first 1 Step , Basic introduction

Many people like to make a thick book to read , Although I've read it, I can't use it yet Python, This is the greatest sorrow .

Sad ? Sad ?

Actually , You only need to , It's enough to watch this tutorial on the rookie tutorial website , Web site address :

Python3 course | Novice tutorial

If you're new to programming , Do not understand , Just watch it a few more times . Although the process will be tedious , But it is necessary for you to establish a solid programming thinking .

Auxiliary tools for this stage :

When you see code or concepts that you can't understand , You can copy the code to the following website , It will show your code graphically , It's easy for you to understand…

If you don't know how to run code in memory , You might as well copy it to Tutor Visual execution in , Deepen the understanding .

Take a chestnut , For example, you are studying Python Dictionary data structure in , But I don't quite understand the concept , Then you can enter the code in the book , Then click the button in the red box below .

It will run the following graphical results , Understand concepts in terms of graphics , Don't be too cool .

The first 2 Step : Advanced data analysis

The above first 1 The step has been played Python Fundamentals of programming , Now enter the learning stage of data analysis . Recommend a Book 《 utilize Python Data analysis 》 That's enough , The score of this book in Douban is 8.5 branch .

See that the book involves when the knowledge of statistical probability is not understood , At this time, in turn, learn the knowledge of statistical probability .

Many people's wrong way of learning is , First learn statistical probability , Then learn data analysis and programming tools (Excel,Python,R). Finally, it's too hard to complain , be unable to learn how to do sth. .

In fact, the learning method is wrong . Why is that ?

There are two reasons :

1) Because many statistical probabilities talk about complex mathematical formulas , But don't talk about how statistical probability is applied in life . The result is that you learn a lot , But I also forgot a lot .

2) Statistical probability knowledge is the theoretical basis most of the time , If not combined with data analysis tools (Excel,Python,R) To use , You can't learn .

For example, you learned the theory of quartile , But how to use it in practice , You don't know the tools of data analysis , Of course you won't use .

But if you know the tools of data analysis , The actual operation is just one line of code , The quartile is calculated . Of course you're excited , As soon as you are happy, your interest in learning will come up .

therefore , My suggestion , And the right way to learn is : First learn the usage of basic data analysis tools , When you encounter statistical probability knowledge , Let's supplement this knowledge , While learning, use data analysis tools to realize .

Auxiliary tools for this stage :

If you want to learn by doing practical projects Python, You can try 《5 Fit Python Data analysis beginner's project 》:

Five data science projects to learn data science

3. Advanced data analysis - Statistical probability knowledge

Learning statistical probability knowledge is actually very simple , But many teachers and books make this complicated . Learn the knowledge in the figure below , You can learn to count probabilities :

A simple explanation , The picture above .

If the purpose of your study is : Improve cognitive , Apply statistical probability to life , Used to guide you to make the best choice when facing major decisions , You should see 《 Naked Statistics 》 This book is enough .

If the purpose of your study is : Learn the basics of big data : Statistical probability , Want to be a data analyst , Achieve the purpose of promotion and salary increase , Then your study reference book is 《 On statistics 》 perhaps 《 Business and economic statistics 》.

《 On statistics 》 It is suitable for people without any statistical probability foundation to learn , This book is interesting and simple enough .

If you've taken some statistical probability classes before , But in the end, I returned the content learned in class to the teacher , You should choose to see 《 Business and economic statistics 》 Use this book to re consolidate your basic knowledge .

Learn advanced knowledge , You will no longer be a hard worker to move bricks , And it will help you achieve your goal of annual salary increase .

4. Difficulties in learning , Where can I get help ?

As long as you study, you will encounter difficulties , What to do when you encounter difficulties ?

1) First , You need to use a search engine to find problems ( You know I'm not talking about Baidu ), You can usually find the answer to your question . Learning to search in English is really important .

2) If you can't find the answer by using a search engine , Of course, I asked my predecessors for help . But when asked, not necessarily someone replied , To solve this problem , You can leave your questions , I'll reply when I see .

3) Finally remember , Study Python Purpose , Not to learn a programming language in order to learn a programming language , Your starting point should be to complete what project , Learning with goals .…

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