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Python Matplotlib drawing violin diagram

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matplotlib yes Python A library dedicated to rendering , We also learned before pyplot Provides drawing polylines 、 Scatter 、 Columnar 、 Square 、 Pie charts and other common images , Also provide animation Class to draw dynamic graph . At the same time, for special charts, such as quantum field diagrams applied in Physics 、 Pay attention to the box diagram of data distribution, etc . Examples of previous articles mentioned above are as follows .

Following the last time we learned that we can quickly display the median of a set of data 、 The upper and lower quartiles 、 Box diagram of maximum and minimum value pyplot.boxplot() Method . There is also a graphical violin diagram showing the data distribution .

 Picture of violin .png

In this issue , We learn matplotlib.pyplot.violinplot Draw violin chart and learn related attributes ,Let's go~

1. Violin overview

  • What is the violin picture ?

    • The picture of violin is similar to the shape of violin , It has the characteristics of box diagram and density diagram
    • Violin chart is used to show the density of data distribution and occurrence probability
    • The violin chart shows the median of the same set of data 、 Quartile range 、 density 、95% confidence interval


  • Violin diagram application scenario

    • The violin diagram can be used to compare the density distribution between different samples
    • The violin chart can be used to show the complete distribution of data
    • Violin charts are often used to sort out discrete data before making accurate charts
    • Cello charts are usually used for gene sample distribution 、 Population age distribution, etc
  • How to get violin diagram

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt 
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2. Violin chart properties

  • Set the violin map position

    • keyword :vert
    • The default value is :True
    • When vert by True Create a vertical violin diagram
    • When vert by False Create a horizontal violin diagram
  • Set the violin width

    • keyword :width
    • The default value is :0.5
  • Set violin data

    • Set the keyword to display the mean value :showmeans, The default is False
    • Set the keyword to display extreme value :showextrema, The default is True
    • Set the keyword to display the median :showmedians, The default is False
  • Set violin style

    • Need to use pyplot.violinplot() Return field “bodies”
    • combination for Loop traversal pyplot.violinplot()["bodies"]
    • call set_facecolor Set the violin color
    • call set_edgecolor Set the violin border color
    • call set_alpha Set the transparency of the violin chart
    • call set_linestyle Set the violin border style

3. To draw a violin diagram

  • Import matplotlib.pyplot class
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
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  • Use numpy In the database normal(),random(),randint() And so on data Array vector sequence
data = [np.random.normal(0,2,100)]
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  • call pyplot.violinplot(data) Method to draw the violin
part = plt.violinplot(data,showmedians=True)
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  • call Method to render and display the violin chart
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  • By using yplot.violinplot() Method return value , Set the color of the violin chart 、 Border styles, etc
for pc in part["bodies"]:
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4. A profound

We learn to matplotlib The drawing of violin provided violinplot() After the method , Let's practice with scatter combination

  • call pyplot.grid() Method to add a mesh to the canvas
  • call numpy.percentile() Calculate the next quarter into numbers , Mean number , The upper quarter is divided into numbers
  • call pyplot.scatter() Mark the sign of the mean on the violin chart
  • call pyplot.vline() Mark the quartile on the violin chart
data = [np.random.normal(0,i,100) for i in range(2,6)]
part = plt.violinplot(data,showmedians=True,widths=[0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6])
for pc in part["bodies"]:

q1,me,q3 = np.percentile(data,[25,50,75],axis=1)
ind = np.arange(1,len(me)+1)

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In this issue , We are right. matplotlib.pyplot.violinplot() Method to draw violin diagram related attributes . Violin diagram combines the characteristics of box diagram and density diagram , Not only show the distribution of data , It also shows the density of the data .

The above is the content of this issue , Welcome big guys to praise and comment , See you next time ~

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