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Application of Python Matplotlib color

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matplotlib Modules are very powerful ,pyplot Class provides users with the ability to quickly draw polylines 、 Columnar 、 Script methods for common charts such as scatter points . meanwhile ,matplotlib Rely on many underlying renderers, such as Agg Display of image data processing .

In order to draw more beautiful images , We all use matplotlib Apply colors in the image .

In the previous study , There are two main ways to apply colors in charts :

  • Set the color fill attribute keyword : Such as plot、bar、hist、pi、contour And so on facecolor/color/cmap Attribute keyword
  • Rendering numpy data : Use imshow()/pcolor Method display numpy The data is rendered into an image


In this issue , We will be on matplotlib Draw a color table in the module 、 Chart colors should be learned by applying relevant method attributes ,let's go~

1. imshow() Draw a color table

  • imshow() Methods an overview

    pyplot.imshow() Yes, it will numpy The generated data is rendered into 2D Images

    • imshow() take RGBA Data or 2D Rendering scalar data into a color image
    • imshow() Can pass cmap|vmin|vmax Specifies the color level of the output
  • imshow() Method to draw a color table

    • Import matplotlib.pyplot library
    • call numpy.random.randint() Generate vector data
    • call pyplot.imshow() Render the data into an image
    • call Show the image
    x = np.random.randint(1,100,size=(3,5))
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  • Can pass cmap、vmin、vmax Change the render color level

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  • You can call text() Method to fill each color text

    fig,ax = plt.subplots()
    x = np.random.randint(1,100,size=(7,7))
    for i in range(7):
        for j in range(7):
            text = ax.text(j,i,x[i,j],ha="center",va="center",color="w")
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2. pcolormesh() Draw a color table

  • pcolor() Methods an overview

    • pcolor() Method creates an unconventional color mesh using quadrilateral
    • pcolor() Method for large matrices , Rendering will be slow
    • pcolor() Method only supports for x,y Mask for processing
  • pcolormesh() Methods an overview

    • pcolormesh() Method creates a colored grid using a square
    • pcolormesh() The method is suitable for large matrix data
    • pcolormesh() Method will mask the of the element facecolor Set transparent , You can see the difference using the edge color
  • pcolor() Method practice

    x = np.random.rand(6,10)
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  • pcolormesh() Method practice

    x = np.random.rand(6,10)
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3. hline()、vline() Draw colored lines

  • hline()、vline() Methods an overview

    • pyplot.hline(y,xmin,xmax) Method to draw a horizontal line
    • pyplot.vline(x,ymin,ymax) Method to draw a vertical line
  • hline()、vline() Method practice

    • call pyplot.rcParams['axes.prop_cycle'].by_key()['color'] obtain Axes The color of the object
    • call pyplot.vline()、pyplot.hline() Method to draw a vertical horizontal line
    prop_cycle = plt.rcParams['axes.prop_cycle']
    colors = prop_cycle.by_key()['color']
    for i,color in enumerate(colors):
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4. colorbar Draw color bars

  • colorbar() Methods an overview

    • pylot.colorbar Add a color bar to the chart
    • colorbar It can be applied to scatter、contour、imshow、pcolormesh in
    • colorbar In the chart, the default is vertical display , Can pass orientation Set level
  • colorbar() Method practice

    data = np.arange(100).reshape(10,10)
    im = plt.imshow(data)
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5. Chart color properties

  • Color attribute keyword

    • cmap:RGBA Color mapping table , In the form of " Color map table name _r"
    • color: RGBA Color tuples or lists
    • facecolor: Graphic color
    • edgecolor: Graphic border color
    • Color value form :
      • English words for color : Like red "red"
      • Abbreviations of words indicating color, such as : Red "r", yellow "y"
      • RGB Format : Hexadecimal format, such as "#88c999";(r,g,b) Tuple form
      • You can go to the color list
  • List of common chart color attributes

    Method Chart name cmap color facecolor edgecolor
    pyplot.hist() Histogram × ×
    pyplot.plot() Broken line diagram × × × Histogram ×
    pyplot.pie() The pie chart × √(colors) ×
    pyplot.scatter() Scatter plot √ (c) × √(edgecolors)
    pyplot.contour() Contour map √(colors) × ×
    pyplot.boxplot() Box figure × × × ×
    pyplot.violinplot() Picture of violin × × × ×
    pyplot.imshow() Exhibition dta For image × × ×
    pyplot.pcolor() Color grid √(edgecolors)


In this issue , We are right. matplotlib When charting in the module , The application methods and properties of color are summarized . How to show the data clearly , Colors are often used in charts to help us distinguish .

The above is the content of this issue , Welcome big guys to praise and comment , See you next time ~

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