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Using Python to make a key recorder

2022-02-01 22:57:50 aikutwo

Keystroke recorder , Just every button on your computer , Will be recorded , Operation tracking can be carried out , Yes, of course , The user name, password and other sensitive information you enter on the website will also be recorded . use Python This can be said to be very simple , But please don't use it on other people's computers , ha-ha .


pynput Modules can help us achieve , however , This is not a standard library , Therefore need pip Install it. :

Then write the following 11 Line code , Save as


Execute this script on the command line :


This prompt tells us to allow programs to access keyboard records in the system settings , about MacOS This is it :

image.png Then enter the key , You can go to log.txt See the key record in , When the key is recorded , You won't have any abnormal feelings :

image.png Students who want to know more about basic programming knowledge and practical skills can poke Video link Continue to learn ~

Last words

This article shares a Python Key logger script , This can be used to block passwords and other confidential information entered through the keyboard , Pose a serious threat to users . Cyber criminals can get the of electronic payment PIN Code and account number 、 password 、 E-mail address 、 User name and other personal information .

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