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8 practical Python skills that are easy to use and don't have to suffer a loss for half a year

2022-02-02 02:51:00 jiejie

Hello everyone , I'm Jay As a data worker , We use it every day Python Handle most of the work . In the process , We will continue to learn some useful skills and tricks .

ad locum , I tried to A - Z Share some of these tips in the beginning format , And these methods are briefly introduced in this paper , If you are interested in one or more of them , You can check the official documents through the references at the end of the article . I hope it can help you .

all or any

Python One of the many reasons why languages are so popular , Because it has good readability and expressiveness .

People often joke that Python yes Executable pseudocode . When you can write code like this , It's hard to refute .

x = [True, True, False]
if any(x):
    print(" At least one True")
if all(x):
    print(" Is full of True")
if any(x) and not all(x):
    print(" At least one True And a False")
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Have you ever thought about drawing graphics in the console ?

Bashplotlib It's a Python library , He can help us on the command line ( A rough environment ) Draw data in .

#  Module installation 
pip install bashplotlib
#  Draw examples 
import numpy as np
from bashplotlib.histpgram import plot_hist
arr = np.ramdom.normal(size=1000, loc=0, scale=1)
plot_hist(arr, bincount=50)
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Python There are some great default data types , But sometimes their behavior doesn't exactly meet your expectations .

Fortunately, ,Python The standard library provides  collections modular [1]. This convenient add-on provides you with more data types .

from collections import OrderedDict, Counter
#  Remember the order in which keys are added !
x = OrderedDict(a=1, b=2, c=3)
#  Count the frequency of each character 
y = Counter("Hello World!")
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Have you ever thought about how to check Python Object and see what properties it has ? Enter... On the command line :

dir("Hello World") 
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emoji[3]  It is a visual emotional symbol used in wireless communication in Japan , Drawing refers to drawing , Words refer to characters , Can be used to represent a variety of expressions , A smiling face means a smile 、 Cake means food, etc . On Chinese mainland ,emoji Is often called “ Little yellow face ”, Or call it emoji.

#  Install the module 
pip install emoji
#  Make a try 
from emoji import emojize
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from future import

Python One of the results of popularity , There are always new versions under development . The new version means new features —— Unless your version is out of date .

But don't worry . Use this __future__ modular [4] Can help you use Python Future version import function . Literally , It's like time travel 、 Magic or something

from __future__ import print_function
print("Hello World!")
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Geography , This is a challenging area for most programmers . When getting geographic information or drawing maps , There will be many problems . This geopy modular [5] Make geography related content very easy .

pip install geopy
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It abstracts a series of different geocoding services API Come to work . Through it , You can get the full street address of a place 、 latitude 、 Longitude and even altitude .

There is also a useful distance class . It calculates the distance between two positions in your preferred unit of measurement .

from geopy import GoogleV3
place = "221b Baker Street, London"
location = GoogleV3().geocode(place)
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When you use terminal When programming the terminal , By having a problem in StackOverflow Search for answers on , After that, it will return to the terminal to continue programming , Sometimes you don't remember the solution you found before , You need to review StackOverflow, But I don't want to leave the terminal , Then you need to use this useful command line tool howdoi[6].

pip install howdoi
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Whatever problems you have , You can ask it , It will try its best to reply .

howdoi vertical align css
howdoi for loop in java
howdoi undo commits in git
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But please pay attention to —— It will be from StackOverflow Grab the code from the best answer . It may not always provide the most useful information ......

howdoi exit vim
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