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What are the functions and classifications of Python interpreters

2022-02-02 05:15:07 Cheng Xuyuan_ Zhou Zhou

I've explained it before Python Download and install the interpreter , Now let's talk about the role and classification of the interpreter , Explaining any Python Before coding, we need to know the concept and function of the interpreter , Because the role of the interpreter is very important .

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One 、 The function of the interpreter ****

effect : Run the file ( Run code )****

Python The function of the interpreter Easy to understand , Is to play a role of translation , Let our programmers write code that the computer can read and execute . For example , Now there is 2 People from two countries , One A, One B, Now? A and B There is no language communication between them , What about this , Now a translator's meeting can communicate well , Simply put, now Python The interpreter plays such a translation role . In fact, computer intelligence can read 0 and 1,0 It's off ,1 Yes , The English code we write can't be read at all. It can't run in the computer . So we must install this before writing code Python Interpreter .

Two 、Python The classification of interpreters ****

1. CPython****

Official , be based on C The interpreter of language development , It is a widely used interpreter , The interpreter we currently use is this one .


2. IPython****

be based on CPython An interactive interpreter for , Relatively few are used


3.  Other interpreters ****

3.1 PyPy: be based on Python The interpreter of language development

3.2 Jython: Running on the Java Platform interpreter , Put... Directly Python Code compiled into Java Bytecode execution

3.3 IronPython: Running at Microsoft .Net On the platform Python timer , You can directly PYthon Code compiled into .Net Bytecode

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