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What language is Python

2022-02-02 09:47:40 Yanshan 588


1、 First, define a concept Python It's a high-level language .

because Python Is a strongly typed dynamic language , Extract keywords **“ Strong type ”,“ dynamic ”,** Language , Take your time .

Strong type , Understand from data type , Strong type means , A variable is assigned a data type , If you don't cast , Then it will always be this data type , And two different types of variables are not allowed to operate with each other .

dynamic , Dynamic refers to the language that performs data type checking at run time , That is, you can write code without specifying the data type of the variable . And you can introduce new functions at run time 、 object 、 Even the code , You can delete existing functions and other structural changes .

Here, if you are a beginner , It may have been covered , What is a strong type , dynamic , Variable , type , Make a pot of porridge .

If it is based on other languages , It should be right Python Have a basic and comprehensive understanding .

2、Python It is a high-level computer language with strong type dynamics .

For beginners , It is suggested that the concepts of these questions be recorded , It will be explained clearly in the following article .

3、Python It's an interpretive language .

It's inherently cross platform , As long as the platform is provided with the corresponding Python Interpreter ,Python It can run on this platform .

Interpretative languages are almost naturally cross platform .

Python Naturally, it also has some weaknesses of interpretative language :

Slow speed :Python Procedure ratio Java、C、C++ The running efficiency of such programs should be slow .

Source code encryption is difficult : Unlike compiled languages, source programs are compiled into target programs ,Python Run the source program directly , So it's hard to encrypt the source code .

( Recommended operating system :windows7 System 、Python 3.9.1,DELL G3 The computer .)

That's all python Three aspects of language , I believe you have understood these basic python Understand the concept , You can also find... After class python Introduction to language .

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