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Case 58 of 120 Python crawlers, mobile app crawler, preparation of "arsenal" and test of skin shrimp app

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This blog begins , We will be involved in mobile phones  APP  Collection field , In this part, we mainly analyze the core interface , Write breakthrough code for the interface .

Here I hope to pass through the front  57  Learning from a series of crawler blogs , You can already use different “ methods ”, To collect data .

Caught tools  Fiddler

mobile phone  APP  The biggest difference between web crawler collection and web crawler collection , Just need to grab  APP  Address of the interface , Because we don't have the support of Google browser developer tools , So we need to use  Fiddler  Tools , Carry out the bag .

For any software , Can make it work properly , It's done.  90% The job of .

fiddler  It's a charging software , Official website :
, It is recommended to buy , If you don't want to pay, you can choose another path , The official version has  30  Days of probation , Let's use this version to learn .

When downloading , choice  
  Version can ,
Download address

The installation process is relatively simple , Basically follow the principle of the next step , After installation, the following web page will appear , Be careful not to close here , We will use several configuration documents later .
Operation interface , The effect is as follows , It is generally not recommended to sinicize , Because there are not many complex operations , I'm used to using more .

Here's a detail to note , When you open  Fiddler  When , It has put  HTTP  Your agent has been modified , So when you open  Fiddler  when , You may not be able to access the website normally , Or access slows down .

Fiddler  The default is to capture packets directly
If you don't want to grab the bag , Can be in  
File->Capture Traffic
  And the lower left button , Shortcut keys are  F12.![Python Reptiles 120 Examples of cases 58, mobile phone APP Reptiles ,“ arsenal ” To prepare and Pipi shrimp APP Test of ]( =200x) What you can grab by default is  
  Requested site , It will be explained later  
  How to configure . After opening the packet capture request , To access the Internet , You will get the following page , The relevant fields have been marked in the figure below .

The content in the above picture , Be sure to make an impression , Convenient for follow-up study . Next, double-click any of the above requests , View the contents of the right window , The following figure shows you what the contents of the right window are .

In the process of writing crawler, the most used is  
, It represents viewing the data content of requests and responses .

Other functions are briefly described as follows :

  • Statistics
    :  View about  HTTP  Request performance and data analysis ;
  • AutoResponder
     : Allow to intercept requests for specified rules , You can do Interception Based on strings and regular expressions , After hijacking the specified request , Use local version ;
  • Composer
    :  Custom request sending server , Can be built , You can also drag a past directly ;
  • Filters
     : Request filtering rules ;
  • Timeline
    :  Request response time .

These contents will be gradually used to .

Here's the most important step ,
To configure  fiddler, So that it can grab  HTTPS  request

Select... From the start menu  
 , Then click on the image below  
Decrypt HTTPS Traffic
, You can install a certificate .

If this step is set up , Still can't get  
  request , You can refer to the following  2  This blog solves the corresponding problems .


By sharing hotspots  fiddler  Yes, cell phones  APP  Grab the bag

This step requires the computer to turn on  Wifi, And realize shared network , If you're using a desktop , It may not have a wireless network card , You can't share the network ( Install the external network card ), The laptop does not have this problem . Then the mobile link is shared  Wifi, The next in  
  The following is configured in .

After determining , Need to be in  
  Find the local... Shown in the figure below  
, For example, as shown in the figure below  
  The address is
, This address is very important , Combined with the above ports  
, Later, you need to visit this address to download a certificate to the mobile terminal .

The mobile link should  Wifi, And set the following proxy .

Not yet , You also need to download the certificate on the mobile terminal , Open through the default browser on the mobile terminal
( Make sure  
  It's packet capture status ), If the mobile terminal cannot be opened , restart  

After the open , As shown in the figure below , Click the red line in the figure below to download the certificate .

The certificate downloaded from the browser cannot be installed if you click , Go to the mobile phone settings to find the following content , The paths of each mobile phone are not consistent , The basic reference route is  
Set up -> General settings -> Security and privacy -> more -> Encryption and credentials
, Then click on the... Below  SD  Card installation , You should find the certificate just downloaded in the root directory , Click Install .

When installing the certificate , What needs to be set , As shown below .

At this point, most of the work has been completed , If your   Android system is  7.0  following , Then that's the end , But if your version is better than  7.0  high , Then you need to continue to set some configurations . If you're not sure if you can , You can open the... On your mobile phone at random  APP, And then again  
  See if you can unlock  
  request .

During environment construction , You can restart from time to time  fiddler  Make sure the configuration works .

Use  VirtualXposed+JustTrustMe  To bypass  SSL  verification , Realize the requirements of packet capture

stay  github  Download the above two tools .

  • VirtualXposed
  • JustTrustMe

Unable to download , It can be directly in the  
download , When I installed it, I found that  
  The latest version does not support  32  position  APP  了 , If grab is needed  32  Bit  APP, Need to install  
  package  .

After the file is transferred to the mobile phone , All installed , Then open the  
 , Click the button below and select Add Application , Module management is enabled  
, Then select restart .

Follow up  
  Open the software just loaded , For example, this case opens  “ Pipi shrimp  APP”, Turn on  
, The following request was successfully captured , This place is the final interface .

Copy interface address , Open in local browser , obtain
Pipi shrimp
Video comment data .…… The rest is hidden

After getting the interface , The rest of the logical processing is simpler , The steps are as follows :

  • Analyze interface parameters
  • Write code to collect

After simplifying the parameters, the following interface format is obtained :

Crawler encoding time

APP  The hardest part for a crawler is getting an interface , After getting the interface and analyzing it , If there are no encryption parameters , Then use any library or framework mentioned in the previous blog , Can complete the preparation of crawler code .

Closing time

== Start with this blog , We will officially enter the mobile phone APP The reptile part , This part will probably be written 10 About blogs ==

Today is the first day of continuous writing  <font color=red>262</font> / 200  God . Sure <font color=#04a9f4> Focus on </font> I ,<font color=#04a9f4> give the thumbs-up </font> I 、<font color=#04a9f4> Comment on </font> I 、<font color=#04a9f4> Collection </font> It's me .

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