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Programming with Python and C language

2022-02-02 10:57:07 CSDN Q & A

Design a simple calculator , The following functions can be realized .
1. Basic data type ( It mainly implements integer and floating-point data types ) Plus 、 reduce 、 ride 、 except
2. Add two integers that may be outside the range of integer representation
3. Add two complex numbers
4. The two date data are subtracted ( The result is Days )
5. Add two sets ( There is no duplicate data )
6. Add two matrices , The size and content of the matrix are entered through the keyboard ( Use dynamic arrays to represent matrices )
7. Matrix inversion ( The matrix is square )
8. matrix multiplication , And realize the following functions :
a. test 8) Inverse matrix in ,
b. Find the solution of the system of equations (X=A-1b)
Be careful : For set or matrix operations , The data can be keyboard input , To facilitate program debugging , You can also read data from your own design files , And write the calculation results to another file

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