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It took three months, the most detailed and complete, 402 pages of Python learning materials. You'll lose money if you don't read it

2022-02-02 11:01:22 Procedure: Wang Xiaochen


Now every industry and field of society is inseparable from data analysis , A good data analysis can help enterprises or companies make decisions quickly , But simply rely on manpower to collect data and then analyze , It's too cumbersome and inefficient .

In order to carry out data analysis quickly and efficiently Python Just in time .

Python What changes does the emergence of bring to data analysis ?Python What should we learn from data analysis ?

Let's have a look ~

One 、python Role in data analysis ?

Everybody knows Python It is suitable for data processing and analysis , It has a large number of standard modules 、 Add ons and functions , It is very convenient to complete general data processing and analysis operations . The modules and functions in the built-in library and standard library are Python Standard configuration of , So as long as you download and install Python, You can immediately use these built-in modules and functions .

Two 、 Why learn python Data analysis

The first point is, of course, because it can Quickly collect the data you want , Make charts easily , Process hundreds of forms in an instant , If you never touch python, You may not even think about it

Python Capturing data from major platforms may only take a few minutes ......

secondly , Study Python It has become a kind of data analysis recruitment post Basic essential skills .

The most important thing is when you master Python After this skill , After some experience , Salary It's common 1W+

See here ,

I understand Python Role in data analysis and after simply understanding the requirements of data analysis and post salary

Little friends may wonder how to learn to use python Data analysis

3、 ... and 、python How to learn data analysis ?

Now I will analyze it from the following aspects

A clear learning path

Comprehensive and detailed courses

Selected learning materials

1、 A clear learning path

Clarify your learning route , It's a platitude . Learn a new skill , First of all, you have to clarify your learning route and goal . Before learning, you must think clearly about what kind of effect you want to achieve , In this way, there will be a direction .

2、 Comprehensive and detailed courses

After clarifying your learning route , You must be looking for a comprehensive, detailed and suitable course to study , Need someone to give guidance , There will be no feeling of fighting alone , Atmosphere , There will be motivation .

3、 Selected learning materials

Although there are many channels to obtain online resources , But it's all too complicated , Can't tell good from bad . So now I will collect and sort out this total 402 page python Learning materials to share with you , Teach you what you need to learn about data analysis , At the end of the article, there is also the way to get information ~

This information adopts a project-based approach , For introduction Python Complete data acquisition 、 Data cleaning 、 Data exploration 、 Data presentation 、 The process of data scale and Automation . The main contents include :Python Basic knowledge of , How to go from CSV、Excel、XML、JSON and PDF Extract data from files , How to obtain and store data , Various data cleaning and analysis technologies , Data visualization method , How to get information from websites and API Extract data from .

This document is roughly divided into 7 A module , from the shallower to the deeper , The first is the first module ,python The installation of the kit ; Second module , Introduce python Basics ; Third module , Import data for machine reading ; The fourth module , Handle Excel file ; Module five , Handle PDF file , And with Python solve the problem ; Module 6 , Mainly for data cleaning ; The seventh module , It is mainly aimed at advanced web page capture , In the end, I summarize .

Next , I'll give you a detailed introduction to each module

Four 、 Module introduction

The first module the first module :Python Installation of tools : Mainly for choice python Reasons for data analysis , Guide novices to use python, Correct installation python The installation and use of tools and related tools are introduced .

Second module  Python Basics : This chapter focuses on basic data types 、 Data container 、 Purpose of various data types 、 Comprehensive use of useful tools , To better analyze the meaning of the code .

Third module :  Data for the machine to read : This chapter is divided into three parts , Mainly about how to import CSV、JSON、XML data , Let them run on the command line .

The fourth module ; Handle Excel file : The main content is to introduce python An installation of the toolkit , analysis Excel file , Import excel Start parsing after the file , Then learn to understand python New programming, new concepts .

Module five :  Handle PDF file , And with Python solve the problem : Mainly about PDF Analytical programming method , Teach you how to use slate Open the library and read PDF, take PDF Convert to text . Through practice , To learn how to solve problems .

Module 6 : Mainly for data cleaning , Research on data 、 After matching and formatting , Then conduct data cleaning, standardization and scripting , After data exploration and Analysis , Show the data . Store the data captured by the web page .

The seventh module : It is mainly aimed at advanced web page capture : Introduction and learning of screen grabber and crawler and application programming interface, automation and scale , Deeper learning of data analysis , Finally, summarize all the documents , Sort out the whole framework of the data .

5、 ... and 、 The resource acquisition

It's a lot of content , I didn't show them one by one here , Only a small part is shown here

Want to know more about , Receiving data , You can scan the QR code below , The information has been collated into documents , Very easy to read .

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