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Python 32bit desert plug-in registration

2022-02-02 11:26:58 Light has me

` Insert a code chip here `import os
from comtypes import client
def regDM():
    '''  Sign up for fun plug-ins , Need to put the document dm.dll Put it in the root directory  :return:  return dm object  '''
        lw = client.CreateObject("dm.dmsoft")
        os.system('regsvr32 dm.dll')
        lw = client.CreateObject("dm.dmsoft")
    return lw
# Uninstall from the system dm
def unRegDM():
    '''  Uninstall from the system dm plug-in unit , Sometimes registration fails , You can uninstall  :return: '''
    os.system('regsvr32 dm.dll /u')
dm = regDM()
print(dm.ver())# Output version number 

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