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Recommended 4 books for Python

2022-02-02 11:50:11 Programmer's little pride

It is said that , Reading breaks thousands of volumes , Writing like a God . That's the truth , Before we learn Python The same applies in the process of . below , Xiaoqian recommends some to join the industry Python Need to see 4 This book , Hope to be able to learn Python My little friend is helpful !
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1.《Python Programming goes from beginner to proficient 》

This book goes step by step 、 Explained in detail from simple to deep Python 3 The core technology of language development , Through the implementation process of specific examples, the specific use process of each knowledge point is rehearsed . Through the implementation process of two comprehensive examples , It introduces Python 3 The use process of language in comprehensive projects . The content of the book is gradual , With “ Technical solutions ” and “ Example exercise ” Throughout the book , Lead readers to fully grasp Python 3 Language .

There are... In the book 900 Multiple instances and examples 、300 Multiple text instances 、600 Multiple examples of expansion 、77 After class practice 、63 A technical solution 、 Two comprehensive cases , In addition to one instance of each knowledge point , There are also two examples of expansion , To draw inferences from one instance .

2.《 studies of the Book of Changes Python 》

《 studies of the Book of Changes Python》 Use simplicity 、 Interesting 、 The easy way to learn is right Python 3 The programming language is explained , Its style and programming features are introduced throughout 、 Most programming books that list language functions are different , But to guide the reader with curiosity , Learn with problems 、 master Python programing language , Then write real and useful programs .

Whether you are zero based Python Beginners , Or programming experience in other languages , But I want to do Python Developers ,《 studies of the Book of Changes Python》 Will lead you to an interesting Python Way of learning .

3.《Python Programming core ( The first 3 edition )》

Best selling classic Python book , To two or morethings Python2 and Python3,Python The developer's desk is always on hand . This book covers becoming a technologically comprehensive Python Everything developers need . This book explains many fields related to application development , And the contents of the book can be immediately applied to project development . Besides , The book also contains some uses Python 2 and Python 3 Code cases written , And some code migration skills . Some code snippets can run in... Even without modification Python 2.x or Python 3.x On .

4.《 Interesting learning Python Programming 》

Python Is a powerful and easy to understand programming language , And it's easy to learn and easy to use ! But about learning Python Language books are mostly boring , It's not fun to read . This book takes you into a fresh Python Programming world . Programming exercises are provided at the end of each chapter to help train thinking and enhance understanding .

Say it ,Python It's easy to get started . therefore , about Python Develop interested partners , Let's take a look at Python Start developing books ! I hope the above sharing can help you !

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