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Software development such a high paying career is what everyone yearns for , Many friends who want to learn software development will choose to participate in professional training , But facing many training institutions , Everyone is also worried , I don't know how to choose , After all, there are too many training institutions on the market , There are some other organizations that are still in trouble . that , How can we avoid the pit ? Let's make up a small series to release 2021 Ranking of domestic software development training institutions to provide you with reference :

1、 Power nodes

The power node is at java The training has been established for a long time , from 2009 Since its establishment in, it has been 12 Years of time , After the precipitation of time , The curriculum arrangement and teaching quality are also improving . Graduates from the power node have a good employment situation , I'm also quite satisfied with my work , Therefore, the reputation of the power node is good , Known in the industry as “ Word of mouth Java Huangpu Military Academy ”.

School evaluation : The employment rate is high 、 Good reputation 、 Focus on doing Java High end talent training 、 The faculty is strong . It's hard to get into school , You need to pass the test before you can , Mainly for college students and society who want to change careers Java Development of the crowd .

Course recommended : learn Java Just choose the power node , A family only teaches Java Training institutions .

Qianfeng education

Qianfeng education is committed to building IT Education industry chain talent service platform , The business scope covers college students' employment training 、 A three-dimensional education and training industrial chain focusing on post service skill training and enterprise internal training . It is now in Shenzhen 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou 、 zhengzhou 、 dalian 、 wuhan 、 Chengdu 、 Xi'an 、 Hangzhou 、 Qingdao 、 Chongqing 、 Changsha 、 Harbin 、 nanjing 、 taiyuan 、 shenyang 、 Hefei set up a branch .

School evaluation : It's easier to get into school , There are no particularly rigorous pre-school tests , There are many subjects to study , Teaching teachers are younger .

Course recommended : Choose Qianfeng before school


Shang school was founded by Ma Bing , Later sold to Gao Qi , There are many branches . Develop JAVA、、ios、android、hadoop Big data cloud computing 、C/C++、 Game and other three aspects of software development, employment training courses , The software development department is responsible for software development services , It has many experienced development teams graduated from famous universities . The Ministry of foreign cooperation is responsible for foreign cooperation on training and development , Cooperate with local information centers and many famous universities on training and development .

School evaluation : Many subjects 、 Cooperate with the school more .

Course recommended : learn ios Just choose Shang school

4、 Old boy education

Old boy education was established in 2012 year , The main courses are Linux Operation and maintenance 、Python Development 、 Data analysis 、 Network security , It was done earlier in the industry Python Training institutions . Old boy education takes the route of famous teachers , The teaching level is also relatively high , The feedback from the trainees is good , If you want to learn Python You can choose here .

School evaluation : Well known lecturer 、 The teaching quality is up to standard

Course recommended : learn Python,Linux Just choose the old boy


Eight dimensional education is the education brand of eight dimensional information group , Since its creation , Has been committed to employment education , In order to train more excellent talents and deliver them to enterprises . The group revolves around “ Quality employment ”, It has a human resources division , Institute of Education 、 Education Division 、 Enterprise business department, etc . Relying on the group Structural advantages 、 Geographical advantages 、 Double division configuration advantages , Since its establishment, it has sent hundreds of thousands of talents to the society , Graduates are all over major Internet companies .

School evaluation : comprehensive 、 thorough 、 There are many teaching subjects , A more practical curriculum system !

Course recommended : To learn Cloud Architecture, choose eight dimensions

6、 Darnay Education

Dane Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to cultivating talents in the fields of telecommunications and finance Java、C++、C#/.Net、 test 、 The embedded 、PHP And other high-end software talents , By American International Data Group IDG And Jifu Asia JAFCO ASIA investment ., In cities with developed software industry in China —— Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou 、 Shenzhen 、 Chongqing 、 dalian 、 nanjing 、 wuhan 、 Hangzhou 、 Xi'an 、 Suzhou 、 Chengdu 、 taiyuan 、 Harbin, etc 30 Multiple cities , Established 60 Several training centers .

School evaluation : Beijing face-to-face class can , The field is full of live video , Management is not very strict , Mainly for college and graduate students , With many universities , Provide distance learning in school , You can also borrow money to study .

7、 Peking blue bird

Beida Bluebird was founded in 1992 year , It comes from the major scientific and technological research project of computer software supported by the state “ Bluebird project ”, Committed to promoting the transformation of scientific research achievements into the market , To continuously explore and innovate for China's information construction and the take-off of China's software industry , And gradually develop into covering five industries , With dozens of companies ( Several companies have been listed ) Diversified large-scale comprehensive industrial group . Headquartered in Beijing, it is a Sino foreign joint venture to cultivate talents for the whole country java Engineers , The school is huge , It has opened 600 Many colleges and universities have trained countless software technical talents . first 、 high school 、 Students with different degrees at different stages such as university can study 、 Teaching methods , It provides a new way out for those who do not go to college or have difficulty in employment .

School evaluation : There are many campuses 、 Junior high school 、 You can study with a high school degree , The school is large .

Course recommended :

Snail College

Chengdu snail chuangxiang vocational skills training school Co., Ltd. is a company dominated by information technology services , Based on the frontier of high and new technology , focus Java The whole development of the stack 、 software test 、Web Front end development and other courses , Vow IT A clear stream in the training industry .

School evaluation : Snail college is not very well-known , But on the whole, the curriculum system is relatively perfect , Mainly for college and graduate students .

9、51cto college

51CTO The college was founded in 2005 year , It belongs to pure online training ,51CTO The college has a mature practical training foundation , Have good basic conditions for teaching practice , Be able to bring the actual combat masters of the industry 、 Introducing industry data into the teaching environment , At the same time, connect with excellent enterprises , Provide students with real project cases and the latest IT Technical product display , It is recommended that the trainees carry out post practice in the actual environment of the enterprise , Quickly improve the trainees' skills, abilities and vision .

School evaluation : The course is comprehensive and of high quality 、 Fast course update 、 Recharge to buy the required courses .

10、 Little brother

Little brother 2015 Founded in , It's a family that focuses on IT Education and training institutions , Adhere to the teaching philosophy of learning once and benefiting for life , At present, there is a total of Beijing 、 Guangzhou 、 Three campuses in Shanghai . Hold on to “ Serve the students wholeheartedly , Do a good job in education conscientiously ” Corporate culture of , We are determined to build an educational institution that specializes in teaching and keeps up with the current popular cutting-edge technology . At present, the organization provides Java、 The whole stack UI Design 、H5 front end 、Python、 big data 、Android、iOS Offline and online training courses of other disciplines .

School evaluation : The establishment time is relatively short , There are many teaching subjects , Younger teachers .

Xiaobian is here to remind you , Select a software development training institution , In addition to referring to the ranking of training institutions , We also need to consider the quality of teaching 、 course arrangement 、 Teachers and so on , If possible, it's best to conduct on-site investigation , Listen to the course , And a number of comparisons , Only in this way can we find the most suitable software training institution .

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