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2022-02-02 12:01:15 Maomao 648python Teaching


Every woman , Sharpen one's life , Are facing gender and age , Life and their own hammer ask .”

This is a 《 My sister 》 A copy of a sentence in , Women's examination of themselves , All his life , But such inquiry may be another kind of inquiry or inquiry , Discover more possibilities and creativity in your life .

Six star education has a constant quest 、 Students who are not limited by gender and age , For her , Women should have independent personality and the ability of lifelong learning , She is always alert to jump out of her comfort zone and think 、 To see the world .

Let's take a look at her story ~

Hello everyone , My name is Li Jing , This year, 38 year , At present, he is a teacher in a private university , The courses taught at school are 《 Fundamentals of computer application 》, This is a public basic course for all students in school .

As a teacher , I've been teaching students in class ,“ Learning can make you , Make yourself better , So as to pursue a better life ”. During last year's epidemic , I also have more time besides teaching online , It can charge itself , I came across something about... On the Internet Python Introduction to , Curious about the unknown field, I decided to buy introductory books for self-study , But the theoretical knowledge in books is complicated , It's hard to ask for help when you encounter some knowledge you don't understand , The learning progress is stagnant, I can only temporarily put aside the learning of programming .

Until this year 3 month , When I met the course, I really walked into the door of programming , Interest is of course important , But the most important thing in learning is to find the right way . With interest + Methods do drive , I devoted a lot of time and energy , Started continuous programming learning .

Recall learning Python The experience of , I decided to use it. “ nervous 、 Be busy 、 Happy again ” These words describe , As a little white without programming foundation , I did run into a wall everywhere in my initial study , And others 20 Compared with young students in their twenties , I need to spend more time understanding the code and completing my study .

The initial study was not smooth , I think it may have something to do with my age 、 It has something to do with the environment . I tried to hold on , Use those words that urge students to spur themselves . Finish your work every day , Put yourself into intense learning , Sometimes a knowledge point cannot be understood , Practice repeatedly after consulting the TA 、 be familiar with . Repeat the experience of writing code every day ’ Land Rover ‘, Then to clear the obstacles and run successfully .”

I ordered one for myself 21 Day's small goal , Day after day, I formed the good habit of persistent learning in code practice again and again , That's it , My programming learning has become orderly .

I have been studying here for nearly half a year , The harvest is very big , Study Python Way , I will continue to walk , Because I think Python Apply it to real life , I need more time to explore .

In my submission , Any time you want to learn , Age is not a problem ,“ Study ” There is no age limit ,13 year 、25 year 、38 year , As long as you work hard on your own , It will blossom and bear fruit , Don't limit yourself because of age and environment , As long as you start learning , And for a while , You will find that you can become more calm in the face of challenges .

After starting the learning journey , My identity has changed from a teacher to a student . Whether it's morning 7、8 O 'clock , Or after midnight , I send questions to the ta , He replied to me as soon as possible , There is a , I saw my TA's circle of friends say “ Today, I helped many students solve BUG, I'm really happy ”, I was touched , Because also as a teacher , Facing students on the same subject , Everyone's receptivity and reaction speed are quite different , Many times, a simple topic needs to be explained many times in class , therefore , I can better understand that teachers work for a long time , Can also insist on being sincere to every student 、 Patience, 、 How hard it is to be careful .

The most impressive thing is when writing code , I can understand the tutorial, but I can't do it myself , When the TA found out , Ask actively and guide step by step by drawing a flow chart , Let me understand the logic behind the seemingly esoteric code .

From writing code 、 Perfect connection 、 function 、 Then check the syntax errors one by one , Under the guidance of my teaching assistant , Finally able to do without looking at any tips , Successfully run the code written by yourself !

“ From the ta , I also learned to put the traditional teaching mode ‘ Preach and enlighten ’ Become a relationship with students, teachers and friends , Pay attention to the differences of each student as much as possible , Also summed up from him two ‘ have to ’, namely : There are questions to be answered 、 If you have any news, you must reply .”

After class, I will find a teaching assistant , Discuss some common problems in Education —— Whether it's learning Python Or computers , We are facing adult students with mixed educational levels , How to teach students according to their aptitude and individualized learning , We are all learning from each other .

in my opinion , Education is a “ Conscience lives ” The change of identity from teacher to student , Let me deeply understand “ Study while working ” For adults , It is indeed a long-term challenge to constantly overcome difficulties .

The essence of education is in addition to imparting a certain knowledge or skill , More is using the teacher's “ sincerely ” Help students feel the joy of learning and provide support for students “ service ”.

Except for College Teachers , I'm still a 10 The mother of a year old , When I study programming seriously at home , Children always sit next to me with a Book , Learning together , Come home from work , Fourth graders often have finished their homework and are waiting for me , The cultivation of children's learning habits , I think the power of example is more important than verbal urge .

Besides being a mother and a teacher , Or myself , My lifelong learning is not only reflected in programming learning , Professional training in ordinary units 、 Study the courses in the powerful country 、 Self funded online English …… I am also actively involved in , In the eyes of colleagues and friends , I am a student “ Dali San Lang ”.

I grew up in the west of the motherland , Contact Python Great regional cognitive differences were found , In the coastal cities of Shenzhen ,Python Well known by many people , Even some recruitment requirements will be listed as necessary skills , But by my side , Some people even know nothing about it .

It makes me feel , In any case, think outside the circle , Learning is not to change others , But to change yourself , Think of learning as a way to see the world , Reading thousands of books, traveling thousands of miles , When learning cutting-edge knowledge and educational ideas , I will also have a broader vision and a richer spiritual world .

I wish six star education can be full of peaches and plums all over the world , The development is getting better and better , I also hope that friends who are still learning can stick to it , Success in learning ! Here are three sentences for you :

“ Genius is the product of training .”

“ Learning is a matter of changing life against the sky , Pain is normal .”

“ Maybe you can change your point of view , The pain of learning is not real pain , You can think of it as a signal , A sign of progress .”

The above is what the participants share today , Hope to inspire you !

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