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Mago Python training

2022-02-02 12:01:21 Maomao 648python Teaching

5 month 23 Japan , Tencent classroom salary selection organization conference was held in Beijing , This conference uses ” New brand , New empowerment “ The theme of , It's a deep level 、 Deep technology 、 Deep horizontal IT Course event .

At the conference , Mago education won the cloud computing operation and maintenance award / Background development dual channel quality certification , At the same time, Margo education is also Tencent classroom “ Salary selection · Internet class ” Project certification authority , It is a domestic excellent IT Talent training base .

This is to build a modern vocational education system , Cultivate more high quality IT The best witness of talents . As a senior Internet professional training camp type high salary employment training center , Margo education has always insisted on ” Ingenuity , Conscience education “ For the purpose , Continue to provide high-quality courses and services for more Internet technology talents , Strive to build a more professional talent training base , Start a good brand of Internet elite .

What is salary selection · Internet class ?

Tencent classroom relies on Tencent itself as an Internet leading enterprise in talent management “ Selection and maintenance ” Precipitation on , Based on the post employment standards of Tencent's first-line Internet manufacturers , By Tencent T12 First level majors take the lead in establishing curriculum standards , The teaching of teaching and training institutions 、 Teachers, etc , Recommend employment for students who have completed the course and assessment , Let's really want to engage in IT Internet professionals get jobs or pay increases after school .

Salary selection · The Internet course standard service system is complete and mature , From homework Q & A to growth path planning to industry dynamics , To form the “ Cultivation + authentication + employment ” Closed loop ecological chain of talents , It is conducive to cultivating industry standardized talents , Solve the college employment problem , Help all walks of life to develop upward .

The operation, maintenance and development of Margo education courses are all through Tencent T6 And above certification courses , Benchmarking Tencent's employment standards , Let the trainees' abilities better match the recruitment needs of large factories , Higher gold content , Knowledge is more systematic , Better service .

Margo education salary selection · Internet courses

01Python All round high paying course

Python The all-round high salary course passed Tencent T6 Level certification , Adopt the mode of double teacher teaching , Help students 5 Months to fully master Python Knowledge point , And be able to consolidate theoretical knowledge in combination with project practice , Finally, help the students get a promotion and a raise .

The course goes from shallow to deep , from Python Base to Python senior , new Python automation +Python The whole stack + Reptiles +Ai, The four jobs were wiped out , Let you 0 Began to degenerate into an annual salary 30 ten thousand Python All round development of talents .

The course emphasizes “ One against ten ” Work skills , 30 A selection of modules 、 7 Enterprise level actual combat projects , Train the students' working thinking of the overall vision , Be able to grasp the development process as a whole , Build development 、 Operation and maintenance double master , Challenge annual salary 30 ten thousand !

02Go Backstage development high salary practical special training class

Go The background development high salary actual combat special training class is Tencent T9 The only one certified at present Go Language specific courses , 2021 The upgraded special training class focuses on operation and maintenance + Two major directions of development , Cover Go Operations and development + Microservice architecture dual driver , Designed to help students 4- 6 Six months to master Go The background and development , Impact big factories and challenge monthly salary 30K!

The upgraded course combines cutting-edge technology and market demand , use 8 A good lesson is to polish each process , The course includes 6 Stages , Basics 、 Advanced 、 Full coverage of actual combat , Let the students 24 Zhou easily became Go Development experts .

Upgraded version Go Background development courses are enterprise level Go Engineering level training , Put more emphasis on “ actual combat ” Two words , More targeted , More practical . The disassembly and analysis of actual combat projects in the course is helpful to help students improve their practical operation ability 、 Project architecture capability and overall capability .

03Linux Cloud computing architecture high salary class

Linux The high salary class of cloud computing architecture is Tencent T7 Level courses , 26 Let students master Linux Cloud computing SRE Knowledge point , Strengthen the architect's perspective , So as to help students get promoted and raise their salary .

The course is sponsored by the National Linux Taught by the great God lecturer in the field , And combined with complete K8S Enterprise level actual combat cases and supporting advanced project actual combat manuals, etc , Let the students have Linux Cloud computing SRE Professional skills of Engineers , Turn into high-end Linux Cloud computing Engineer .

This course is aimed at the practical projects of large factories in the front line , 3 The big stage includes 30+ Knowledge point , New systematic teaching , Suitable for traditional operation and maintenance to advanced SRE Development engineers and other students improve .

04Python Advanced class of operation and maintenance automation

This course is designed for 2- 5 The annual operation and maintenance personnel are customized , live broadcast + Community model, scientific establishment of learning route , Business coach + The head teacher follows the process of learning and customizing intimate service .

4 Large scale production environment actual combat project , 10 year +BAT Live broadcast by famous teachers at different levels , Let students have the technical ability to go to front-line Internet companies after learning , from 0 To 1 Self built configuration management 、 Authority management system .

100% Teaching knowledge points are learning and using , 144 Lead the students to improve the speed of light in one class , Every minute is dry , What's more 1V1 employment guidance + Simulated interview training + 500 A number of cooperative enterprises have pushed their posts , Let you easily enter famous enterprises !

Why choose Margo Education ?

The curriculum of Margo education continues to push through the old and bring forth the new , Pay special attention to the teaching mode of combining theory with practice , From simple and planar knowledge to three-dimensional practical teaching , Extract the most valuable things and help the teaching staff build stronger skills .

The curriculum pushes through the old and brings forth the new , Adapt to the market

Margo education is deeply cultivated IT The training has been nearly 12 Year time , Has been committed to solving “ technology ” and “ employment ” Two big difficult problem , To adapt to the new environment 、 New market 、 New technology 、 The demand for new jobs , Courses are constantly upgraded to new , Let students always follow the times , Bring cutting-edge technologies to the classroom .

Open large factory projects , More powerful

Mago education cooperates with front-line Internet enterprises and practical projects , Let the students learn from 0 build , from 0 To 1 The transformation of , Promote the implementation of practical operation , Improve students' practical ability , Penetrate front-line cutting-edge technology into every student , Build stronger skills .

Tencent salary selection agency , Learn to feel at ease

Margo education is 【 Tencent classroom 】 Officially certified gold medal organization of operation and maintenance , 2021 Margo education from 5 More than 10000 training institutions stand out , Become Tencent salary selection organization , It is also the high-end of Tencent classroom certification IT Education and training brand .

So far , Mago education has been in Tencent classroom 66W student ,VIP Thousands of paying students , The high praise rate of the course is 98%,VIP Course 100% Praise , The average employment rate of former graduates exceeds 98%, Average salary 12K.

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center  

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