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2022-02-02 12:02:21 Maomao 648python Teaching


The coming of the age of artificial intelligence , Many articles say that :“ Can't Python, Don't call yourself a programmer ”. This is a bit exaggerated , But it does Python This language is worth learning , And will Python It is a necessary skill for programmers to raise their salary . That's for Xiaobai , How to learn Wuhan well Python What about training ? Learn from Wuhan Python What are the good methods of training ? below , Qianfeng Wuhan Python The training teacher will answer .

1、 First of all, learn well Linux

Linux It is the operating platform that developers must master , On this platform, whether it is development Web project , function SQL Database or deployment crawler 、 Big data analysis 、 as well as AI Development , Can be very good to achieve .

2、 master Python Basics

Learning as a programming language , It can be roughly divided into several parts : Programming syntax 、 Object-oriented programming ideas 、 Common design patterns 、 Common sorting algorithms , There are a lot of these contents , Here, Qianfeng Wuhan Python The training teacher will not repeat them one by one .

3、 Master database SQL

The content is the design of relational database tables 、 Add, delete, modify, check and SQL Statement writing 、SQL and NoSQL The usage scenarios and design difficulties of the database 、Python Connection to database .

4、 Familiar with some front-end knowledge

Mainly HTML、CSS、Java And framework , Understand the popular web page styles and special effects .

5、 understand Web The whole development of the stack

Remind everyone , The point is to master Django frame , In order to understand how to develop a complete enterprise website .

6、 Master artificial intelligence ( Crawler and search )

The content includes HTTP Debugger usage 、 Index and search the data captured by the crawler 、 Stand alone or distributed index engine .

7、 Master big data analysis


The content includes distributed file system HDFS、 Distributed resource management framework Yarn、 Build a distributed message queue Kafka、 Distributed computing framework Spark.

8、 Understand the principles of machine learning

Establish the idea of machine learning 、 Common algorithms for machine learning 、Python Do common modules of machine learning 、 Massive data is based on common frameworks for machine learning under distributed clusters .

9、 Understand what deep learning is

This part is more cutting-edge , For example, deep learning framework TensorFlow The content such as .

Said Wuhan Python After training how to learn , Qianfeng Wuhan Python The trainer should remind you of the two most important points :

One 、 Students with poor English foundation should consider restoring your “ Morning reading system ”. because Python It is also an almost life-oriented programming language , You can't just recite a few common words . Of course , The professional vocabulary of programming must also be proficient , In this way, you won't be too embarrassed when studying and working in the future ;

Two 、 Knock more code ! Just read the book 、 It's not enough to understand the video . There is no certain amount of code to accumulate , It's hard to have a clear and smooth idea when doing a project .

In the next decade Python The prospect of language development is very good , The talent gap will be bigger and bigger , Look for the right time , Seize the opportunity , Hurry to Qianfeng Wuhan Python Training institutions should study systematically ! Now you can also get a two-week audition , Personally experience the quality of the subject , Understand the students' learning situation !

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