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Python Big Data Engineer Training

2022-02-02 12:02:24 Maomao 648python Teaching


Python and Java, Are the two most common programming languages in the big data industry , For everyone who wants to switch to big data , Which language is a better choice to learn ?


Python And big data :

Python It is characterized by efficient development and simple maintenance , Big data operation and maintenance is also widely used Python Language to write management scripts ;Python Language is widely used in the field of big data and artificial intelligence , In the field of Data Science , Especially in the field of deep learning ,Python Is a common choice .

If we want to develop into the field of big data analysis and big data operation and maintenance , Key learnable Python Language , The application in these two fields is relatively common .

Python Commonly used in :

Python It is mainly used for web Data analysis , Scientific Computing , Financial analysis , Image algorithm , Mathematical calculation , Statistical analysis , Algorithmic modeling , Server operation and maintenance , Automation , Suitable for rapid development team or individual agile mode . In addition to big data and Data Science , stay web Front end development and other fields are also widely used .

Python: Data analysis , Artificial intelligence ,web Development , test , Operation and maintenance ,web Security

Python The difficulty of learning :

From the perspective of language applicability ,Python It's called “ Glue language ”, Other modules can be treated as intermediate code “ Adhesion ” In a project , So as to quickly deploy and implement .

In terms of learning difficulty , For starters ,Python Easier to get started ,Python The grammar is simple and clear , The bottom layer is well encapsulated , It's a high-level language that's easy to use .

Python Prospects for development :

Python Its application abroad is relatively mature , It is still in its infancy in China , In recent years , With artificial intelligence 、 machine learning 、 The rise of big data and cloud computing ,Python There is a shortage of talents in the market , The employment situation and salary are IT The industry is ahead , The future development space is also very good .


Java And big data :

Java It is closely related to big data , At present, many programmers who do big data development are from Java Programmers turn around ,Hadoop The platform itself is based on Java Developed . Big data development in Spark Under the platform , Many programmers prefer to use Scala Language , and Scala Is based on Java language-constructed .

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If you choose to develop in the direction of big data , You can focus on learning Java, understand Java Be able to better communicate with Hadoop Platform to interact , Can have more ideas . At present, most engineers engaged in big data development have Java Development experience ,Java The developed cases are rich and stable .

Java Commonly used in :

Java Language is widely used , There are many fields that can be applied , There is a complete ecosystem , in addition Java The performance of the language is also very good .Java It is mainly used in areas with strong business logic , Such as mall system ,erp, Finance , Insurance and other traditional database transaction fields , Through something like ssh Framework transaction code , For commercial databases , Such as oralce,,sql server Better support , Strong software engineering concept , It is suitable for the multi person development mode of software engineering .

Java:web Development , Big data development , Android Development , Server development , Desktop development , Game development

Java The difficulty of learning :

Java Compared with Python, Older , There is a large market demand , More widely used , Is a very persistent programming language , A more stable . As the elder of programming language ,Java Programming Comparison Python complex ,Java The market has been perfect , about Java The skills of developers are more demanding .

If you switch to big data development ,Java and Python It's best to learn ( The main study Java), Doing big data development and mastering more languages can make you more calm when developing . Especially to master Java Language , It will give you more confidence in solving many system level problems . Gamy valley big data training .

Java Prospects for development :

Java There are many applications in the Internet , Currently adopted Java Develop Internet websites and applications IT There are many enterprises , This increases Java The needs of development engineers . The future will be big data , The era of artificial intelligence , Big data is closely related to artificial intelligence , There will be a large number of enterprises need to rely on big data , and Java It is the most closely related programming with big data .

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