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Python object-oriented programming idea

2022-02-02 15:00:36 One 829

If you want to know Python call Selemium WebDriver Module method , You have to understand Python Object oriented programming idea in .

One 、Python development environment

1. Go to Python Download from the official website

Python Releases for Windows |



64 Bit download Windows x86-64 executable installer edition

32 Bit download Windows x86 executable installer edition

4. Before starting the installation , Pay attention to check according to the figure

 5. Finally, enter the installation success page

6. adopt Dos Command view Python Is the installation successful .

7. see pip Whether auxiliary tools exist ( If there is any content as shown in the figure, it indicates that the installation is successful )

  Two 、Python The client of

Python Comes with a development tool --IDLE, You can develop code through this function ( Pictured )

  There are many tools that can be used for client development , For beginners Sublime Text The compiler is very friendly .

1. Go to Sublime Text Download from the official website

Sublime Text - Text Editing, Done Right

2. After opening the website, choose the download version according to your operating system , Here's the picture What I choose here is Windows 64bit edition

3. After downloading, unzip it

4. Double click “sublime_text” This procedure , Compiler main page

 5. edit python Code and save as “.py” File format , It can be done by “Ctrl+S” Preservation ,“Ctrl+B" Run .

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