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Solve the problem that the session of the requests Library in Python cannot save cookies

2022-02-02 15:04:49 adorable_

   When we are using Python Of requests When the library does interface automation , We all know that as long as you use session = requests.session() Will automatically save cookie
   But when I was working on the company's interface automation project , Found saved cookie Don't take effect , Print after logging in to the interface through the request cookie, I found that there was cookie, Here is my big head o(╥﹏╥)o
   After searching for multi-party data , At last I found the reason , original requests Can only keep cookiejar Type of cookie, And we built it manually cookie yes dict Type of . So we need to take dict To cookiejar type , The conversion method is as follows :

#  take CookieJar Turn to dictionary :
cookies_dict = requests.utils.dict_from_cookiejar(resp.cookies)

#  Turn the dictionary into CookieJar:
cookies = requests.utils.cookiejar_from_dict(cookie_dict, cookiejar=None, overwrite=True)
#  among cookie_dict Is to convert the dictionary 

#  After the conversion, you can assign it to cookies  And passed in to session It's in :
session = requests.Session()
session.cookies = cookies

   In actual use, you need to observe cookie Format , For example, our company will cookie With key-value In the request header , So my approach here is to cookie Turn to dictionary , Then splice the contents of the dictionary into strings .

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