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After python, go also runs smoothly on the browser

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Anaconda Developers recently released PyScript, This is a way for developers to HTML Mixed writing Python The framework of the code , Some people call it “Python edition JSP”. in fact ,PyScript The bottom layer uses WebAssembly, Because it's based on Pyodide structure ,Pyodide Compiled from WebAssembly Of CPython 3.8 The interpreter consists of , Allow to run... In a web browser Python.


Similarly, , Developers use the same idea to make Go It also runs smoothly on the browser . The website supports running directly on the browser side Go Code , This is a Go playground, The underlying the Goscript, adopt WASM Realization .


Goscript yes Go Unofficial implementation of language norms , be used for Rust The embedding or encapsulation of an item , Provides a simpler way to encapsulate and invoke the underlying Rust Code . It's like Lua To Redis/WoW, perhaps Python To NumPy.

Goscript It contains six items :

  • parser Turn the source code into AST, Transplanted from Go Official code .

  • type checker be based on AST Do type push down and type check , Also transplanted from Go Official code .

  • codegen be based on AST And type information to generate bytecode .

  • vm Run bytecode .

  • std The official library , Transplanted from Go The official library .

  • engine Including the official library native part , Plus simple packaging .

Goscript Realized Go Almost all the features of (pre 1.18, Therefore, generics are not included ), And transplanted some official Libraries , View relevant test cases that have passed

Goscript Project code :

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