knapsack problem

Now go to one that can hold 4 How to pack a backpack with the highest value per unit weight :A weight 1 A unit of , value 15;B weight 3 A unit of , value 20;C weight 4 A weight , value 30

Use dynamic programming to fill in spaces

class SolutionBag:
def valuableBag(self,optionalList,sizeBig):
# Create grid
grid = [[0 for i in range(sizeBig+1)] for j in range(len(optionalList)+1)]
# From row / column serial number 1 Start counting
column = 1
for v in optionalList.values():
optionalWeight,optionalPrice = v
for row in range(sizeBig):
if optionalWeight > row+1:
grid[column][row+1] = grid[column-1][row+1]
grid[column][row+1] = max(grid[column-1][row+1],optionalPrice+grid[column-1][row+1-optionalWeight])
column += 1 return grid

The longest public substring

In dynamic planning , You have to maximize an indicator . In this case , You have to find the longest common substring of two words .fish and fosh What is the longest substring contained in all

How to divide this problem into subproblems ? You may need to compare substrings : It's not a comparison hish and fish, But compare first his and fis

We use grid filling method to realize

# Pseudo code 

# If the letters are the same, the upper left +1
if word1[i] == word2[j] :
cell[i][j] = cell[i-1][j-1] +1
cell[i][j] = max(cell[i][j-1],cell[i-1][j])

python Implementation grid

class SolutionLengthS:
def longestLength(self,str1,str2):
grid = [[0 for j in range(len(str2)+1)] for i in range(len(str1)+1)]
for i in range(len(str2)):
for j in range(len(str1)):
if str1[j] == str2[i] :
grid[i+1][j+1] = grid[i][j] + 1
grid[i+1][j+1] = max(grid[i+1][j],grid[i][j+1])
return grid

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