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Python implements sending mail (implements single / group mail verification code)

2022-06-24 05:04:01Python researcher

Python smtplib course Shows how to use smtplib Modules in Python Send email in . To send an email , We use Python Development server ,Mailtrap Online services and shared network hosted mail servers .

smtplib library

python Sending mail requires smtplib library , Let's have a brief understanding of


Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) Is a communication protocol for e-mail transmission . Is It's a Internet standard , This standard applies to 1982 Year by year RFC 821 First definition , And in 2008 Year by year RFC 5321 Update to extension SMTP add to . Mail servers and other mail transfer agents use SMTP Send and receive mail .

smtplib It's a Python library , Used to use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Send email . smtplib It's a built-in module ; We don't need to install it . It abstracts SMTP All the complexity of .

Mail server

To actually send an email , We need access to the mail server . Python With a simple development mail server . Mailslurper Is an easy-to-use local development server . The shared virtual hosting provider allows us to access the mail server . We can find details in the account .

smtp The basic commands of the protocol include :\

    HELO  Identify the user to the server \
    MAIL  Initialize mail transfer  mail from:\
    RCPT  Identify the individual mail recipient ; Often in MAIL Command behind , There can be multiple rcpt to:\
    DATA  In one or more RCPT After the command , Indicates that all mail recipients have been identified , And initiate data transfer , With . end \
    VRFY  Used to authenticate the specified user / Does the mailbox exist ; For security reasons , The server often forbids this command \
    EXPN  Verify that the given mailbox list exists , Expand your mailbox list , It's often banned \
    HELP  Query what commands the server supports \
    NOOP  No operation , The server should respond to OK\
    QUIT  End the conversation \
    RSET  Reset session , The current transfer has been cancelled \
    MAIL FROM  Specify sender address \
    RCPT TO  Indicate the recipient's address 

actual combat

1.126 The mailbox is generally closed by default SMTP service , We have to open it first

2.Python The code is as follows

# smtplib  It's used for sending mail 
import smtplib
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
# email  Used to build mail content 
from email.header import Header
#  Used to build headers 
#  Information from the sender : Email address ,126  Email authorization code 
from_addr = '[email protected]'
password = 'POP3/SMTP Service authorization password , In the previous step, you can get '
#  The recipient's mailbox 
to_addr = '[email protected]'
#  Sending server 
smtp_server = ''

""" title """
head=" Email verification code "
""" Text """
text="【TRobot】 Your verification code 32123, This verification code 5 Valid in minutes , Don't let it out to others !"

#  Email body content , The first parameter is the content , The second parameter is format (plain  For plain text ), The third parameter is encoding 
msg = MIMEText(text,'plain','utf-8')
#  Header message 
msg['From'] = Header(from_addr)
msg['To'] = Header(to_addr)
msg['Subject'] = Header(head)
#  Turn on the messaging service , This is encrypted transmission 
#server = smtplib.SMTP_SSL()
#  Log in to your email address 
server.login(from_addr, password)
#  Send E-mail 
server.sendmail(from_addr, to_addr, msg.as_string())
#  Shut down the server 

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