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After learning these English words, mom doesn't have to worry that I can't learn Python any more

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Want to learn python But what if you don't know many English words ?


   Many kids who have changed careers or just started to do tests learn Python when , Often ask a question : I am not good at English. Can I learn code .

The answer is : For sure ! If you are good at learning English, you must learn it better than your friends who can't speak English . When the code reports an error, it is all in English , After all, this is something that foreigners put together

Just like people who learn guitar know staff at the beginning ? Not necessarily .

Sum up , The two most important things to learn :

  • The first is the : Interest in ! Only when you are interested will you persist !
  • The second is : insist !

   Remember a little ! Don't memorize these words by rote , In your corresponding scene , You will remember when you see more . Learning should pay attention to ways and methods

 Learned these English words , Mom doesn't have to worry that I won't learn Python_ How to learn Pyton

Interactive environment and print Output

1、print: Print / Output

2、coding: code

3、syntax: grammar

4、error: error

5、invalid: Invalid

6、identifier: name / identifier

7、character : character

String operation

1、user: user

2、name: full name / name

3、attribute: Field / attribute

4、value: value

5、key: key

repeat / transformation / Replace / Original string

1、upper: above

2、lower: below

3、capitalize: Write or print in capital letters

4、title: title

5、replace: Replace

6、old: old

7、new: new

8、count: Count

9、swap: swap

10、case: situation

11、path: route

12、new: new \ newly build

13、project: project

14、test: test

15、file: file

16、data: data

Remove / Inquire about / Count

1、strip: Remove

2、index: Indexes

3、find: lookup

4、count: Count

5、start: Start

6、end: end

7、chars: character

8、sub: subsidiary

Get input / format

1、input: Input

2、prompt: Tips

3、ID: Id card

4、format: format

5、args(argument): Parameters

6、kwargs: Key parameters

7、year: year

8、month: month

9、day: Japan


1、tuple: Tuples

2、max: Maximum

3、min: Minimum

4、iterable: Can the iteration

5、key: keyword

6、function: Method / function

7、stop: stop it

8、object: object


1、list: list

2、reverse: reverse

3、true: really

4、false: false

5、append: additional

6、extend: Expand

7、insert: Insert

8、pop: Take out

9、remove: remove

10、del(delete): Delete

11、clear: eliminate

12、sort: Sort


1、set: aggregate / Set up

2、add: add to

3、update: to update

4、discard: discarded

5、intersection: The intersection

6、union: union

7、difference: Difference

8、symmetric: symmetry

9、in: stay … Inside

10、not: No / No

11、disjoint: Disjoint

12、subset: A subset of

13、superset: Superset / Superset

14、copy: Copy


1、dict: Dictionaries

2、key: key / keyword

3、value: value

4、item: term

5、mapping: mapping

6、seq(sequence): Sequence

7、from: from / come from

8、get: obtain

9、default: Default

10、none: No,

11、arg: Variable elements

12、kwargs(keyword args): Variable keyword element


1、for…in… The use of recycling

2、while… The use of recycling

3、range: Range

4、sep(separate): Separate

5、flush: Scour

6、step: step

7、continue: continue

8、break: breakthrough / Jump out of

Conditions / Jump out and end loop

1、if: If

2、else: otherwise

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