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Learn Python in this way, and the boss licks back the resume in the trash can: 25K per month

2022-06-24 07:26:04Yuki programmer

about Python I believe many people are no strangers , Compare with Excel、Tableau、PowerBI And other common data analysis tools ,Python The advantage is obviously much greater .Python There are many advantages , If you can use it well in your work , You will find that your work efficiency is greatly improved , Salary increase is also a normal thing .

Python Advantages one :

“ The process is controllable , Work efficiently ”

for instance ,Excel Process of analysis : Locating null values - Delete null - Modify the data format - Remove outliers - Formula calculation - PivotTable - Collating data - Insert chart - Adjust the result ……

Every tedious step comes from a mouse click , If there's a mistake in the middle , Many steps need to be readjusted , Waste a lot of time .

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use Excel Simple descriptive statistical analysis , Every data needs to be changed again .

But use Python Writing each step is very convenient , The unified language brings the unification of recording methods . When the analysis process needs to be modified or reused , Just adjust the set parameters .

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Use Python Code can quickly call data , Computational demand , And record every step of the process , Easy to modify .

If you want to make all kinds of good-looking charts , Use Python Visual class tools can , A few lines of code , Time saving and labor saving , It also has interactive functions . If you need to adjust, just change the code , You don't have to worry about remaking it .

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Python Advantage two :

“ Abundant tool library ”

Python Super high popularity has brought a large number of great gods ,Python There are all kinds of tool Libraries , Also for the Python Widely used, laying an excellent foundation .

Take data analysis , With Python Visualization must know the basic library matplotlib For example , Just his official gallery There is 26 Two categories: 527 A pattern , Both quantity and quality can crush most of the same function software on the market .

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Python Advantage three :

“ Xiaobai is friendly , Easy to use ”

hear Python, People think it's a programming language , Many people will have such concerns : I am a non computer related major , Study Python Is the programming deviated ? I spend a lot of time learning computer programming , Whether to abandon the book to the end ?

There is no need to worry about this . Nowadays, all walks of life need data analysis ability , All walks of life need Python, And Python The grammar of English is very close to English , Very friendly to Xiaobai learners , read Python Code is like reading an article . Now let's look at a paragraph using Python Code for making word cloud map , It's very easy to understand :

from pyecharts import WordCloud
name = data_10[' key word '].tolist()
value = data_10[' Frequency of occurrence '].tolist()
wordcloud = WordCloud(width=1300, height=620)
wordcloud.add("", name, value, word_size_range=[20, 100])
wordcloud.render('./ Reference cases HTML/ Keywords statistical word cloud chart .html')

Import word cloud toolkit —— Set keywords and frequency —— Set the size and other parameters of text and pictures , You can get a picture of words :

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You can see , Code can be more efficient in data analysis 、 Abundance and freedom . In fact, the code not only helps analyze , It can help logical thinking .

About Python Technology reserve

Learn from good examples Python Whether it's employment or sideline, it's good to make money , But learn to Python Still have a learning plan . Finally, let's share a complete set of Python Learning materials , For those who want to learn Python Let's have a little help !

One 、Python Learning routes in all directions

Python The technical points in all directions are sorted out , Form a summary of knowledge points in various fields , The use of it is , You can find the corresponding learning resources according to the above knowledge points , Make sure you learn more comprehensively . Insert picture description here

Two 、Python Essential development tools

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3、 ... and 、 The high-quality goods Python Learning books

When I learn a certain foundation , When you have your own understanding , I will read some books compiled by my predecessors or handwritten notes , These notes detail their understanding of some technical points , These understandings are quite original , You can learn different ideas .
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Four 、Python Video collection

Watch the zero basics learning video , Watching video learning is the quickest and most effective way , Follow the teacher's ideas in the video , From foundation to depth , It's still easy to get started .
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5、 ... and 、 Practical cases

Optical theory is useless , Learn to knock together , Do it , Can you apply what you have learned to practice , At this time, we can make some practical cases to learn .
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6、 ... and 、Python Exercises

Check the learning results .
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7、 ... and 、 Interview information

We learn Python Must be to find a well paid job , The following interview questions are from Ali 、 tencent 、 The latest interview materials of big Internet companies such as byte , And the leader Ali gave an authoritative answer , After brushing this set of interview materials, I believe everyone can find a satisfactory job .
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This full version of Python A full set of learning materials has been uploaded CSDN, Friends can scan the bottom of wechat if necessary CSDN The official two-dimensional code is free 【 Guarantee 100% free

Python Information 、 technology 、 Course 、 answer 、 For consultation, you can also directly click on the business card below , Add official customer service Qi

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