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Is Python really worth learning

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Python Is a computer high-level programming language . It's dynamic 、 Object oriented scripting language . It was originally used to write automated scripts , With the continuous update of the version and the addition of new language features , More and more times , Used for independent or large project development .

1989 year ,Guido van Rossum Participating in the design ABC( A language of instruction ) after , Came up with the idea of developing a new computer high-level language . He integrated ABC Advantages of language , And combined with Unix shell and C The habit of , Created a new language ——Python.1991 Beginning of the year python The first public release was released . Because it uses C The realization of language , So from birth ,Python Already has : class , function , And the expansion system based on modules .

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Python It has developed very rapidly in recent years , Almost applied to all walks of life . In especial 2017 The rise of the concept of artificial intelligence in ,python Our attention is also getting higher and higher . Although it still can't be compared with java And other programming languages , But with the improvement of artificial intelligence weight in the future , master python It becomes a necessity . Its development efficiency is better than C, Java Much higher , A lot of start-ups had to get investment funds in order to quickly turn their ideas into practical products , The preferred Python As a development language . It is estimated that this was also promoted in that year python Another reason for its popularity . Its standard libraries and third-party libraries are also very powerful , Whatever you want to do with technical programming in any direction , You can almost find the corresponding library to support it .

python Network involved 、web End 、 Reptiles 、 Cloud computing 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Scientific Computing 、 Operation and maintenance 、 Data analysis 、 Game development and so on .Python The characteristic and concept of is simple and elegant , Use as little and easy to read code as possible , To complete other languages at every turn 10 Times the amount of code .

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  • Reptiles
    Small enough to grab a small yellow map website , As big as a business application of an Internet company . adopt Python It's easy to learn , You don't need to master too much basic knowledge at the beginning to get started quickly , And it's going to work out soon . Of course , Crawlers are also widely used in companies that need data 、 Platform and organization , By capturing public data on the Internet , To realize some business value is a very common practice .

  • Web Program
    Python It is also widely used in Web End program , For example, you are now using Zhihu , The background of the main station is based on Python Of tornado frame , The background of Douban is also based on Python.

  • Desktop applications
    Python There are a lot of UI library , You can easily complete a GUI Program , It is easy to achieve a beautiful UI Program interface .

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) With machine learning
    Artificial intelligence is now a very hot direction ,AI The upsurge makes Python The future of language is full of infinite potential . be based on Python Deep learning 、 machine learning 、 Natural language processing direction of some websites are basically through Python To achieve .

  • Scientific Computing
    Python The development efficiency of is very high , Modules with high performance requirements can use C rewrite ,Python call . meanwhile ,Python Can be a higher level of abstraction , So it's also very popular in the field of scientific computing .python The emergence of third-party libraries for scientific computing , I use a lot matlab My friends are using it .

  • The image processing
    And OpenCV combination , You can get the result simply .

python Perfect for beginners . Compared with many other mainstream programming languages , Better readability , So it's relatively easy to get started . Want to learn Python Friend, , It is recommended to select version Python3.

Even though Python2 and Python3 It is the same language , Only a few syntax incompatibilities , however Python3 It's an indisputable fact that it's gradually becoming mainstream , After all, the latter has more advantages in terms of performance .

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About Python Technology reserve

Learn from good examples Python Whether it's employment or sideline, it's good to make money , But learn to Python Still have a learning plan . Finally, let's share a complete set of Python Learning materials , For those who want to learn Python Let's have a little help !

One 、Python Learning routes in all directions

Python The technical points in all directions are sorted out , Form a summary of knowledge points in various fields , The use of it is , You can find the corresponding learning resources according to the above knowledge points , Make sure you learn more comprehensively .( At the end of the article !)
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reminder : Limited space , Packaged folder , The way to get it is “ At the end of the article ”!!!

Two 、Python Essential development tools

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3、 ... and 、Python Video collection

Watch the zero basics learning video , Watching video learning is the quickest and most effective way , Follow the teacher's ideas in the video , From foundation to depth , It's still easy to get started .
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Four 、 Practical cases

Optical theory is useless , Learn to knock together , Do it , Can you apply what you have learned to practice , At this time, we can make some practical cases to learn .
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5、 ... and 、Python Exercises

Check the learning results .
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6、 ... and 、 Interview information

We learn Python Must be to find a well paid job , The following interview questions are from Ali 、 tencent 、 The latest interview materials of big Internet companies such as byte , And the leader Ali gave an authoritative answer , After brushing this set of interview materials, I believe everyone can find a satisfactory job .
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This full version of Python A full set of learning materials has been uploaded CSDN, Friends can scan the bottom of wechat if necessary CSDN The official two-dimensional code is free 【 Guarantee 100% free

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