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Python is popular for several reasons: These data tell you

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Python The trend is probably :

  • 2017 year 1 month :Python hot , Deep learning market , Yes Python The highest demand .

  • 2017 year 3 month :Python Won the top seven AI programming languages

  • 2017 year 7 month :Python Won the 2017 The most popular programming language in

  • 2017 year 8 month :Python transcend R, Become the most commonly used language for data science and machine learning

  • 2017 year 9 month :Python Become the fastest growing language in high-income countries , Not one of them.

  • 2017 year 12 month :Python Enter the teaching materials of Shandong primary school , Also included in the national computer grade examination ,VB To be eliminated

  • 2017 year 12 month : Microsoft has begun to think about adding Python For the official Excel Scripting language

  • 2018 Year begins : Dominating programming charts TOP Become a horse

2018 year ,Python It has become a very common language , From entry-level players to professional data mining 、 Scientific Computing 、 The image processing 、 Artificial intelligence ,Python All of them can do . Maybe it's because of this universal attribute , send Python It is more and more popular with programmers .

On the data science website KDnuggets, released 2018 The survey results of data science and machine learning tools also show :Python Be the first , Become the most popular analysis 、 Data Science 、 Machine learning tools .2017 year Python Already has more than 50% Share , Now 2018 Year has been increased to 65.6%.

 Insert picture description here As the saying goes, laymen watch the bustle , Experts look at the door ,Python We have some knowledge of the fire , But learning a programming language takes a lot of effort , What we care about most is :

  • Python Is it worth the time to learn ?

  • How do you learn Python Of ?

  • I am so busy at work , Is there time to study another language ?

Tell the truth , learn Python, It will only save you time , Solve problems with half the effort . For example , You write a widget of the client plug-in class , Don't use it. Java、C++ And so on. , Give it a try Python.

It can definitely save you more than half of your effort . Because it implements the same function ,Python Code files are often only C、C++ and Java Code 1/5~1/3.

About Python Technology reserve

Learn from good examples Python Whether it's employment or sideline, it's good to make money , But learn to Python Still have a learning plan . Finally, let's share a complete set of Python Learning materials , For those who want to learn Python Let's have a little help !

One 、Python Learning routes in all directions

Python The technical points in all directions are sorted out , Form a summary of knowledge points in various fields , The use of it is , You can find the corresponding learning resources according to the above knowledge points , Make sure you learn more comprehensively .( At the end of the article !)
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reminder : Limited space , Packaged folder , The way to get it is “ At the end of the article ”!!!

Two 、Python Essential development tools

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3、 ... and 、Python Video collection

Watch the zero basics learning video , Watching video learning is the quickest and most effective way , Follow the teacher's ideas in the video , From foundation to depth , It's still easy to get started .
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Four 、 Practical cases

Optical theory is useless , Learn to knock together , Do it , Can you apply what you have learned to practice , At this time, we can make some practical cases to learn .
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5、 ... and 、Python Exercises

Check the learning results .
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6、 ... and 、 Interview information

We learn Python Must be to find a well paid job , The following interview questions are from Ali 、 tencent 、 The latest interview materials of big Internet companies such as byte , And the leader Ali gave an authoritative answer , After brushing this set of interview materials, I believe everyone can find a satisfactory job .
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This full version of Python A full set of learning materials has been uploaded CSDN, Friends can scan the bottom of wechat if necessary CSDN The official two-dimensional code is free 【 Guarantee 100% free

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