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Django project - error reporting

2022-06-24 07:56:39It's nini

DB Browser (SQLite)

database :

  • If you use the default settings sqlite3, see db.sqlite3 Recommended visualization tools :DB Browser for SQLite
  • If used mysql, Visualization tool recommendation :Navicat

DB Browser (SQLite) The installation address of

DB Browser (SQLite) Installation tutorial for

To achieve background data visualization

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Report a mistake

Most of them are code syntax errors , Misspelled letters , Symbol usage error

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It could be Django、python Development tool version problem ( The impact is slightly smaller )
You can view... In the command executor python edition , If you need to downgrade or upgrade, you can do so in anaconda Execute corresponding instructions in

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stay settings Download django、flask、mysql Tools, etc
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The code comments on the project page may also cause errors

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